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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Getting My Weekly Fix, March 7, 2012.

Well it looks like my luck has turned for the better and I managed to venture out again today, definitely nice to get back into a routine again.  This time I fished elsewhere, outside of Connecticut and back to my home state.  I'll keep the post brief, as I gotta get back on the vise as I am currently about a half dozen orders behind and spring is gonna be here before you know it.  I gotta get my boxes back up to speed for the upcoming season too.

Winter Stones En-Masse
The mid 50 degree weather had the fish hungry and the winter stoneflies active.  I saw so many of them fluttering on the water today, it was no surprise what the hot fly was going to be, and go figure, the Shimmer Stone struck again.  Although it took some time today to finally settle into a groove, once I did I managed to stuff a handful of nice fish.  Hard to imagine that it is already March, boy does time fly these days.  I was lucky enough to keep the 20 inch streak going sticking this beauty that stretched the tape to exactly that mark.   It is starting to look like I am going to make good on my plans for 2012, hopefully this is only the tip of the iceburg.

Notice The Bug In This Cat's Mug
I am gonna have to tell you folks, you probably won't see me around my local waters that much this year as I am planning on fishing all over New England this season.  Sometimes it's good to branch out hit some old haunts, new ones, takes you out of your comfort zone, and keeps you on your toes.  You can only get better as an angler if you constantly challenge yourself.

Picture Perfect Brown Trout
Got the news today from good friend Mike Schmidt at Anglers Choice Flies that he is officially coming up for a visit this spring/summer to do a relentless sleep deprived suicide trip worth of fishing, "Strolis"  style.  Other than some serious beer drinking, belly laughs, fly idea sharing and of course some long days on the water, my motto of sleep when you're dead will be the focus of our efforts.   I won't let the cat out of the bag as to what our plans are, I'll keep that under wraps till the days arrive, but it will include a mixed bag of fishing locales.
Cookie Cutter Brown
I should have some fly pictures up in the ensuing days as I catch up on some of these flies.  I hope to also have some cool new videos to unleash in the upcoming weeks so stay tuned on that front as well.  Hopefully the streak keeps going next week, guess we will have to wait and see.
Swung Some Streamers Today Too, But No Love In that Department

On a final note, my latest acquisition arrived today.  I like my Sage Tcx 11'9" 7 weight switch rod so much, I ended up ordering the same rod in a 6 weight.  Realizing that the 7 could easily handle stripers in the salt aside from steelhead and salmon, and being a bit overkill for my standard trout foray's, I opted for the 6 as it will easily chuck those jointed streamers I love to fish while also being able to fish nymphs, swing wets and launch dry flies too.  Should be a fun stick to play around with this season, and it seems that I am slowly but surely transitioning into a two handed finatic.  Did I mention that I caught all fish today on a switch rod?  

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