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Monday, March 12, 2012

Quick Update, Fly Photos, Cool Project With 2 Handed Trout

I'll keep the post brief, finally caught up momentarily.  I am sure that will change in a day or two but I will take it for the time being.  I managed to spin myself up about 4-5 dozen flies to fill some of the empty spaces I accrued in the last couple of months.  Maybe I will get a fly promo together for you folks for the upcoming hatches....... hmmmmm, sounds like a plan, stay tuned.
Hog Snares, Shucked Up Emergers, And Some Midges

At any rate, here is a small sampling of some of the recent smaller orders I have put together.  I guess you could say I am honestly not caught all the way up, little fib there actually.  I have an extended deadline on a couple of larger jointed streamer orders.   More on that later.
Mixed Bag Of Weighted Nymphs

I thought I would throw a plug back to Dave at Two Handed Trout, as he is going to be doing a season long updated blog in regards to the Shanked Ice Pick.  Dave has a great website centered around fishing with a two handed rod, and if this is something that interests you I highly recommend checking it out.  Dave reached out to me recently in regards to this idea, and I jumped in with both feet.  Should be interesting to follow his ventures.  The idea is to fish the fly for the duration of the season and continually report back with updates on his efforts, should be really cool.  For more on the blog post, check it out HERE.
Rainbow Shanked Ice Pick Featured At 2 Handed Trout

Lastly, I couldn't resist putting this up even though the photo isn't of the best quality, but it most definitely captures the moment.  My oldest daughter Tessa, who is now 4, inquires about tying flies on an almost daily basis with old daddy.  I try to get her and her sister Nora down in my tying area on a regular basis when they ask, as I don't want them to be deprived of anything fishing related you know.  Well, here is a quick shot of Tessa from today enjoying some Q-T with daddy spinning up some creativity.   Good Times!  No hooks used in the production of Tessa's masterpiece (I'll post photos of her work later), she enjoys tying on the shanks, so I have to think she is going to be a two handed fisherwoman at some point, probably steelhead but who knows right?
Quality Time At The Vise

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