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Monday, April 16, 2012

Bugs, Fish and Some Shenanigans

The fishing has been pretty good from what I hear around here, only problem that I am hearing from most who have been out is the crowds are bad and the low water is getting old.   In all seriousness though, the real circus comes next Saturday when our lovely Nutmeg State has the official Opening Day of the Season.  More often than not, all participants typically play nice together, but with lower flows who knows what will happen.  At any rate, I wish all of you who do head out on that fateful day the best of luck and enjoy the day with friends and family, hopefully taking part in what you love, fishing.
Pocket Base Loaded With Hooks N Things

On a side note, the Fly Deal from earlier this past week has been a resounding success once again.  I wanted to thank all of you who took advantage of the special.   I have been tying overtime as a result, I think I am somewhere around the 35 dozen mark on this special.  Thankfully, I enjoy tying both of the patterns and I will keep this one rolling until further notice.  I may even mix it up in a few weeks, changing the color combos as some of the other caddis present themselves.
Tying Away, In My Cluster Of A Tying Desk

To continue with my promise to keep you posted on customer success stories, here is a great picture from a return customer and good Friend Bob, who recently got back from swinging his way through the Salmon River in Pulaski.  Bob tells me that a Tan BS swinger served him well while he was up there, lets let the picture tell the story.  Thanks for the update Bob.

I managed to get out there today for myself. I even hit a pretty solid spinner fall this evening if you can believe that.  All fish today were taken using dry flies, and boy was it fun.  The fishing was right on up till dark, and boy did the fish feed hard later in the day.  If you went home early today, you missed out.  The hot flies today were dark hendrickson Shucked Up Emergers and Rusty Spinners.  Enjoy the pictures they speak for themselves, now I gotta go print some shipping labels.....
Crippled Hendrickson.

Hendrickson Adult

Hendrickson Nymph Shuck

Solid Holdover Brown

Sitting Where Water Should Be

Some Wild Flowers

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