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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Classified Caddis Pupa & R-F Caddis Pattern Showcase,

So as 2012 is a year of early starts, I figured I would showcase two of my top caddis patterns, patterns I turn to day in and day out when fish are keying in on pupa and adults.  Seeing as how most of our hatches are weeks ahead of time for a normal season, I figured it would be fitting to get a jump on the forthcoming caddis hatches.
Classified Caddis Pupa
The Classified Caddis Pupa as I have noted in the past, was my attempt to replicate the triggers in the late Gary Lafontaines deep sparkle pupa.   The Sparkle Pupa being a fantastic pattern, can sometimes give the average tyer fits, so the thought process was to construct a fly using the fish catching antron fibers in a manner that would be faster to tie but would yield the same result.  I got lucky and hit it out of the park when I came up with this pattern.  This fly takes less than 2 minutes to tie and is super durable.  When the fish are on caddis pupa, this is the fly I turn to. In an attempt to think ahead, as 2012 is shaping up to be the year of early starts, I figured I should showcase a couple of my go-to caddis patterns that I use during the forthcoming caddis hatches.  I could have conceivably added another pattern to the mix, but when the fish are in the riffles eating adults and/or pupa, these two flies are what I tie on.
R-F Caddis

Topside, there are literally hundreds of choices for caddis patterns, the flies fished the most day in and day out are typically spin offs of the Elk Hair Caddis.  Being a great pattern, I wanted something that was without a hackle making the fly ride flush in the film, but have a durable and easily dressed wing.  Enter snowshoe rabbit feet hair, and the R-F Caddis.  Inevitably, if you tie with snowshoe you will have all kinds of hair left over on the feet as we you usually end up cutting all of the center fur out for mayfly wings or emergers, leaving an abundant amount of hair that is a little less than ideal for winging material.  The beauty of this fly is you can use some of those more rigid fibers mixed together with the "fluff" to achieve that tent shaped wing, and it floats like a cork to boot.

So, where am I going with this post?  As you might have realized, I dumped the Fly Deals page in an effort  to simplify the site a bit, and because I haven't been able to offer any deals so to speak on a regular basis.  I will be offering up a fly deal here for a dozen of the two patterns in both tan and bright green for the forthcoming caddis hatches.  Each selection will sell for $18, applicable tax for CT residents, standard shipping, but free shipping for anyone who purchases 2 or more selections.

 In the dozen flies will be 6 classified caddis pupa, and 6 R-F caddis in the aforementioned colors, with a mix of the more prevalent sizes.  If interested in the deal, just drop an email to:, title it Caddis Deal.  In the body of the email state the number of selections you would like, how you would like to pay either  paypal, google checkout or via check, if you're a CT resident or not and then we can take it from there.  This deal will go on until further notice.

Lastly, I have been getting loads of feedback lately from local customers in regards to success they are having with many of the patterns that I have tied for them.  Whether it's via email, text messages or phone calls I have been receiving feedback on a very regular basis.  Some of the feedback has incorporated photos as well, some better than others (LOL).  I figured it would be fitting to include some of these photos and reports here to keep you all updated. 

Farmington Brown On A Hendrickson Shucked up Emerger

Farmington Brown On A Hendrickson Comparadun Emerger

Farmington Brown On A Hendrickson Comparadun Emerger
I will continually add more customer testimonials and photos in the posts to follow, and once again thank you all for your support.

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