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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Regal Vise, Customer Reports, Flies And The Season Thus Far

I'll start things off with my latest announcement.  As of now, I will be tying exclusively on a Regal Revolution Vise.  I recieved a telephone call about a week or more ago from Mike McAuliffe from Regal Engineering in regards to trying out their products.  Having met Mike beforehand while tying at the Symposium a few years back, it was like catching up with an old friend.  I won't get into the particulars, but I will say that I am very pleased with my newly acquired vise, and am proud to say that I am officially a member of the Regal Vise Pro Staff.

To kick things off with a step in the right direction, here is my latest tying video utilizing my new vise.  You'll notice a couple of things I changed in the video to try and freshen things up a bit.  I am using a new camera angle while tying as I thought it might be a little more beneficial to see the sequences as one would if they were seated at their own vise at home.  I am looking for feedback on this video in regards to the camera angles etc, so please feel free to comment good, bad or indifferent, no offense will be taken just please keep it civil.  To watch the video click HERE.

On another note, I finally managed to get my fishing buddy in the water.  After a rather hectic winter and the deer hunting season, Mike, aka: Uncle Fudgie as my daughters like to call him, got off his butt and in the water Monday for the first time this year.  Although we had ridiculous conditions (40 mph gusts of wind with whitecaps all day long), we still managed a couple handfuls of respectable fish, even some on dry flies, which actually was a nice change of pace.

So far this spring several of my faithful customers near and far have been sending pictures of fish they've caught on m fylies, which I truly appreciate.   Here is a recent fish on a Hendrickson Shucked Up Emerger, one of several caught by a trusty customer.

 To keep up with the continual theme of order laden posts, here are a few flies  from today's tying session.

One Of Several Weighted Jigs

Mixed Array Of Hendricksons

A Cluster Of Midges

And A Small Selection Of Weighted Nymphs

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