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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Caddis, Caddis And More Caddis, And A New Video

Happy Mother's Day out there to all the mom's.  May you all have a nice relaxing day, you deserve it.  Let's just say the title says it all.  I have tied more caddis patterns in the last four weeks then I care to remember, and I swear I am having nightmares about these moth-like insects because of it.  I guess you could say they are on everyones mind around here in the northeast this year, and earlier than expected.  Mother's day caddis have been hatching for about two weeks already in the Catskills, and there are all kinds fluttering around here in Connecticut.
Frolicking Caddis

Maybe my picture from last week with all those Rock Candy Larva sparked some interest, as once again that appears to be the hot item as of late.  Caddis have been the food of choice on the Housatonic for a few now as well, so adjust your sizes and colors accordingly.
Mixed Order Of Various Rock Candy Larva Heading To Central Connecticut

One word of advice when choosing your caddis adult imitations though; be sure to actually grab one off the waters surface before you make a quick selection.  Why do you ask?  The wings on many caddis can be very deceptive, sometimes the wings can be tan and one will automatically think a tan bodied caddis will do the trick.  Not so fast Johnny, flip that little bugger over and check the body out before you make a quick pick out of your fly box.  Case in point, the caddis hatching on my last outing all displayed tan wings but when turned over had dark olive to dark green bodies.  I guess that's why it pays to tie your own sometimes as you can mix and match wings and bodies to get what the fish are eating.
Caddis Resting After Emergence

Thomas Ames references this in his Caddisflies book, stating that on several occasions the same insect may have different wing colors from fishery to fishery, as well as experiencing color changes to the wings after emergence.  I have seen this happen on several occasions myself while fishing or guiding.  I can vividly remember experiencing solid hatches of mother's day caddis with tan wings to literally change to a light or dark dun in a matter of minutes.  Take the extra time and check the undersides of these little devils before you tie one on.
Another Viable Color Option, Olive & Black

I will apologize now for the lack of new video content, I plan on rectifying that in the next week.  Expect a couple at once as I work on the next installment with Front Range Anglers.   I also plan on doing a couple of videos showcasing a couple of patterns not of my own, so stay tuned, but till then here is the third installment in the Jig series of nymphs.  This video displays how to tie a variation of the Prince Nymph on a weighted jig hook.  If you like the prince nymph, this will be a nice variation to add to your arsenal.
Click The Photo To Get To The Video
  I will be doing a bunch of fishing in the weeks to follow, and not in my normal locales(rivers).   The trout stuff is going on vacation for a few to chase some saltwater critters so to speak.  Mixed into my orders I have been chipping away at my Striper selections for yours truly.  Hopefully by next Thursday I will have a size-able collection of flies for my adventures.
Saltwater Sized Picks....
That being said, expect my turnaround times on orders to go up a few days if I get swamped.  I will bring the vise with me if need be to keep afloat, but I can't make any promises.  I will say this, tying various baitfish imitations instead of bugs is a nice change of pace.  Working with epoxy, Clear Cure Goo, Softex and the like is actually got the gears turning in my melon-head for some new freshwater streamer ideas.  If I get some free time, who knows what I may conjure up.
Clear Cure Goo Sand Eel

Same Fly Different Lighting
Small Streamer Order 
Mixed Order Of Weighted Nymphs, Jigs and Emergers

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