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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Couple of New Patterns Added To The Fly Store

So, with things being a little hectic, I haven't had the opportunity to keep things flowing with the store.  I had promised to add a couple of heavier anchor patterns to the storefront after several customers were inquiring about heavier and larger weighted nymphs.  Well I am finally coming through with my promise so to speak.  To go hand in hand with one of the recent videos, I added the Prince Style Jig, as well as the version of the western favorite, the Rubber Leg Stone.  You can see them in the store here:
Rubber Leg Stone

As you can tell from the photo, I prefer to use a dubbing blend in the versions of both patterns when I tie them.  I think the taper achieved by doing so makes for a more natural profile in my opinion, but that is just my personal preference.  It seems to work so why not, right?  As you can see from the picture of the stone, it is a much buggier pattern than the standard chenille bodied version.  This particular fly has taken hundreds of fish for me over the years, and next to my Rock Candy Larva is probabaly my second favorite large anchor fly.  Brown is typically my first choice but all three other colors (golden, black, rusty) have their moments as well.
Prince Nymph Jig

To kick things off with a bang, I figured I would introduce both patterns in a fly selection with a discounted price tag with special shipping as usual.  So with that being said, here is the deal.  1 selection will include 6 of each pattern; that's 6 weighted prince jigs, 6 rubber leg stones in a mixed array of sizes.  $20 out the door for out of state residents, $21.27 for in state residents.   For orders of 2 or more selections, shipping is free, otherwise standard shipping rates will apply.  As usual, just send me an email titled Weighted Nymph Special and we can take it from there.  As always, paypal, google checkout or check are accepted, just please let me know how you would like to settle up, and also provide a valid and current mailing address.

On another note, I plan on adding a full compliment of saltwater options to the fly store in the months to come to fill the void.  I have a pile of patterns that I have a lot of faith in, some old, some new and some with some Strolis flare.  Don't be surprised to see some saltwater tying videos as well.   I will keep you all posted on the progress on that front periodically.  Once again, happy fishing and thanks again everyone.

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