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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend Keeping It Real

This weekend thus far has been a rather interesting one. The pollen count on the Cape has been off the charts, seas of green pollen filled the air, while clogging up our sinus cavities. Thankfully, the weather has been a little bit more enjoyable than hot humid conditions back home. 60-70 degree days with variable winds.

Nora with the goods
Sounds like picture perfect conditions to chase striped bass right? Well, if you are the casual saltwater fisherman like myself, sometimes hindsight is 20/20 when it comes to decision making. Having limited time to fish and always wanting to explore new areas of the Cape as there is a plethora of places to fish, sometimes this isn't the best choice when you know of other areas that are consistently producing fish. In a nutshell, new areas explored turned up blanks, and the places I was chomping at the bit to fish were forecasted to have thunderstorms. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, the storms never came and I sat there wishing I had ventured out. The only saving grace is I have four days of nothing but fishing with a good friend in the next week so its all good.
Swimming At White Pond

What transpired was some great time spent with the kids, birthday celebrations and some fantastic family feasts. There was some really cool fishing stories with kids though, better than any day I have ever had on the water myself.

The Yaks In Pleasant Bay
My oldest had a blast at the pond catching perch, even catching a whopper largemouth that ended up snapping the line.
Perch Time!

Tessa Bent Rod And All
My niece Ashlynn had the catch of the weekend with this monster bucket mouth.

Ashlyn With Her Monster
The ear to ear smiles that these fish brought everyone are priceless, and there's nothing better than getting the kids interested in the outdoors.

In between my daughters naps I managed to spend some vise time trying to catch up on some orders. I should be caught up this coming week and just in time to finish off my saltwater boxes.

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