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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Customer Success, Streamer Fishing, HOT Weather And The Latest Deal

Frequent customer and past guided client Steve Lynch has been having a blast these days getting out on the water at a rather regular clip.  If you haven't checked out his fishing blog, The Weary Angler, I suggest you do.  It melds the perfect combination of everyday life and fishing in a no nonsense manner.  Steve sent me a couple of pictures of some nice browns that he has had the pleasure of tangling with, courtesy of my H-A Snare streamer pattern.
Farmington River Fatty, Courtesy of The H-A Snare
Let the pictures do the talking, as those are some really nice fish.  Steve was also featured on the Orvis blog recently after being the highest bidder for a great cause.  Steve was fortunate enough to spend the day with Phil Monahan on the Battenkill and other local Vermont waters, and he introduced this lovely brown to the H-A Snare as well.  Good work Steve, check out his full blog post here:  Phishing with Phil.
Battenkill Butter Belly, Also Courtesy of The H-A Snare

I have been out pretty regularly myself these days.   Up before the sun comes up, watch it rise as I fish.  What I have found is some aggressive fish who have a penchant for BIG flies.  Here are just a few of the browns I have had the pleasure of tangling with lately, some nicer than others.  A few really busted breeders in there too, hideous, but fun to say the least.  Hog Snares, HA Snares, Meat Helmet Sculpins and a new one you'll read about later have been the most productive flies.
Handful Of Butter

Big Ole Ugly Breeder

Psychedelic Brown

Aside from the bombs eating meat, the morning caddis activity has been nothing short of epic.  Yesterday when I left the river it was full on surface feeding frenzy. Aside from the morning caddis, big iso's have been around in full force on some days, and the summer micros are here.  Various mini mayflies are about and hatching varying times of the day.  That being said, I have filled a few mini mayfly nymph orders.
Mini Weighted RS2's

More Tungsten Trico Spinners

As the little guys are around, I figured it would be a great time to unleash another fly deal, oriented towards the same.  My DT Nymph, which is not super flashy, simple to tie and just plain catches fish is one I never leave home without this time of year.  When I was guiding, this particular fly was a staple for me in the summer months and it often provided banner days, and the inevitable pull out on the tougher ones.  Figuring that everyone as of late is looking for tungsten nymphs, I decided to do a quick and equally effective tungsten variation.   What I derived is the DDT, or Deep DT nymph.

So, as I promised, here is this months fly deal.  For $30 out the door,   $31.90 for CT residents plus shipping you get a dozen DDT nymphs, and a dozen tungsten RS2's in what I deem staple mini sizes.   Two or more orders qualifies for free shipping as usual.   As usual, an email to titled mini nymph special, how you want to pay, check or paypal, google checkout, your mailing address and I will send out the invoice.  Also, you can indicate in the body of the email if you want some of those unweighted as I will split them up.  Just let me know and I will tie them accordingly
Morning Fog On The Farmington
On another note, I have developed another cool and very effective streamer utilizing the sculpin helmet.  I have yet to find a name for the fly, but I soon will.  This particular pattern tore them up on it's maiden voyage, and fish of all sizes fell to this guy.  As most of my helmet patterns this one is meant to be fished jig style off the bottom on a floating line and stout leader.  Here are a few pictures, and standby for these in the store with a forthcoming tying video.  The fly is a spin off of my Snare pattern so to speak, and it has proved it's one that needs to be in the rotation.
Even The Smaller Guys Ate This Guy

18 On The Nose In Inches Of Water

Close Up

Tiny Tim

I'll leave you with a few other parting photos from the last week, enjoy and thanks for reading....
Before The Heat

Olive N Black Hog Snares For Breakfast

The Set Up Rigged With New Streamer Max Line......$$

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