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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Don't Stop Believing...........

Mike and I were strapped for time, which pretty much sealed the deal for both of us in terms of where we were going to fish today.  Having enough water, and both really wanting to float somewhere, we opted for our now once a year Housy Float.  Pretty sad really as we used to float the river often every season.
Hoping For A Few Of These Guys

We had been hearing glowing reviews from a few of our friends, so we figured maybe it was time we gave it a shot.  Well, the fishing was good, just not for the species we intended to target.  12 River miles, and a couple of sore arms later and we had a day in the books.  We opted for the streamer route, leaving all the other gear at home.  The 6 and 8 weight rods were out in full force, rigged with grained lines for medium to mucho sized articulated streamers.  I guess you could say it was a go for broke trip; go big or go home.
Mike With The Mini Of The Day

One thing that was certain though, the smallmouth are eating and eating hard.  Mike and I were literally pulling our flies away from fish today as they were almost menacing.  That's how active they were, and no exaggeration either.  We managed dozens of them, from tiny Tim like Mike's holding above, to several of the larger one's below.  It was pretty cool even while we were trying to find some deep shouldered Browns.  We both kidded that if we put a floating line and a jig style streamer on it would have been out of hand good.
One Of Several Nice Smallmouth

Say what you will about smallmouth bass, but they are a lot of fun to catch.   I use to never quite understand the negative comments that would often come from some of my guided clients when we would boat a few of these fine fish.  I still to this day don't quite get why some people frown upon catching these fish; they fight hard, are often acrobatic and will eat just about anything when they are on.  They can be ultra finicky at times too, even more so than trout on occasion.
The Rigs, Scott S4S 6 & 8 Weights, With Hatch 5 and 7 Plus Reels and SA Grained Lines

 Even though we were on the water to target some browns, and only managed a handful of trout, the smallies kept us busy throughout the day, and thankfully so.  We were both very impressed with the numbers and size of the fish, looks like they are prospering.   I always get a chuckle out of the attitude these fish have.  I was throwing 6-7 inch articulated flies all day and I had smallmouth smaller than that hitting the fly.
The Crown Jewel Of The Day, On A New 8 Inch Multi-Jointed Streamer...
We ended our day with a few Rainbows, and one decent Butter Belly in the boat with a few hooked and lost.  We both realized that we were on the river at the tail end of the good water temps and bugs, but it is still a tough pill to swallow when not so long ago those fish above appeared to be much more plentiful.   Back to the vise, as I am a few orders behind.  For those of you still waiting on your orders from last week, I should have them done and out the door by Saturday, just in time for a fly deal.....

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