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Saturday, June 23, 2012

June 2012 DDT Weighted Nymph Video

Click The Picture To See The Video
Well, I apologize for being a little behind the 8-ball on tying videos these days.  This thing is blowing up so to speak, and I am finding that I am tying more and more each and every week in between everything else I have going on, just to keep on top of things.  Above is a link (picture) to the latest tying tutorial for my DDT nymph (which I am tying hundreds of right now).  As you can see it is a very simple pattern and is just a slightly modified version of the DT nymph.  Alter your colors and sizes accordingly and you can cover all of your smaller mayflies. 

For you locals, this particular fly is working well right now.  Happy tying and thanks for watching.  I have a really good video and fly deal up next on the horizon, and it is based off of your feedback on the poll.  Streamers anyone?

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