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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some Small Flies, And Some Fishing With A Friend

So far this spring, I have managed to keep myself rather busy with orders, catching up with the kids and doing some fishing so to speak.  I have taken a bit of a vacation from the trout streams, in fact, I think the last time I fished my local waters was somewhere around the third week of April.  I guess you could say a slew of things have contributed to that problem so to speak, but most of it all boils down to personal decision.  
Tungsten Trico's

The one thing that has been going rather well surprisingly, has been the little fly "promos" that I offer from time to time.  They are a double edged sword mind you, but one that has really been the backbone of my fly business.  My thoughts are to unveil another next week, probably near the end of the week to be exact. So that being said, stay tuned for another rather timely fly selection for you hatch matchers.  A few of my repeat customers have really caught on, and have gotten into the habit of ordering flies well in advance of the naturals presence on the river, case in point the little weighted Trico's you see above.  We still have quite a few weeks before we see these guys on my local waters, but it is never too early to start thinking about what is coming down the pike. 

Size 24 Tungsten Beaded RS-2's
As you can see, some of the flies I have been tying lately are on the smaller side, which goes hand in hand with many of the hatches on our beloved Farmington River.  On average, most of our major hatches typically run a size or two smaller than the bugs you might encounter on other rivers.  Sometimes it makes the world of difference in your catch rates, other days it doesn't, but one thing I do know is it never hurts to have a few little guys on hand when you fish there.  
About Time To Chase Some More Of These Guys Again

In a few hours I will be picking up a good friend and fellow tyer from the airport and making a caffeine induced pilgrimage of sorts to the Cape.  Mike Schmidt, aka, the streamer nut, big fish chaser, meat thrower, whatever else you could come up with, the owner of Anglers Choice Flies, will be joining me.  Our hopes are to do battle with some Striped Bass as Mike has never had the opportunity to chase these fine fish.   Mike was so kind enough to extend the invitation last year to chase spring steelhead on some of his local haunts, so it was only fitting to have him come on out my way for something a bit different.
Evening Fishing Is In Full Gear Now

We are gonna give it our best and have fun doing it, that's the plan at least, despite an ever changing weather forecast.  It's times like these that really make me realize just how lucky us folks in New England are.  In all actuality we have an array of options for fishing if you sit back and think about it.  If you were to draw a circle with an epicenter of Hartford that extends out in a 5 hour drive in any direction, the diversity of fisheries is pretty amazing.  Lake Ontario migratory fish, to Striped Bass, Tuna and False Albacore to name a few off the coast, to hundreds of top shelf trout fisheries, and that is only the tip of the iceberg.  When the dust settles, and you sit back and look at the big picture, we New Englanders have it pretty damn good.  I never forget just how lucky I am to live practically on a top shelf tail water trout fishery.   Wish us luck and see you sometime next week.
The Yak Rigged Up For Battle

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