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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

A Mother Load Of Flies And The Vise Is Shut Down For The Next Five Days.....

As of right now the vise will be getting some much needed rest.  Why you ask?  I will be away for the next 5-6 days for a family wedding, wife's side of the family that is, so tying will be out the picture for a few.  Oh, did I mention that the wedding is in Bozemon, Montana?  Oh, geez, how unfortunate, just kidding.  Oh yes, some fishing is in the equation for me and the wife, probably hit Yellowstone too as I have yet to spend any time there.
 If you haven't figured out why I have been so quiet over here lately, let me bring you up to speed a bit.  A flurry of orders and some rather large one's have pretty much occupied all of my free time for the last 10 days, and for many more when I return.  Although it is really awesome to watch the business literally blow up overnight, it can be a little daunting when you get hit with 21 orders in 24 hours.  Here are just  a few pictures of some of the recent fly orders.
Olive DDT 
Super Simple Nymphs

Olive DDT Close up

Super Simple Nymph Close up


Micro Madness

I have also had a little time to mess around with the macro lens that I picked up for the camera.  I managed to burn off a few close up shots of some of my father's flowers from his quite expansive gardens, and of course a couple with the new 35 mm fixed lens of my two girls.

Big hugs.

I can't hear you daddy.

Lastly, before I hop on a plane at O dark thirty, let me leave you with a few images and stats from the unveiling of the Headbanger Sculpin.  I had to tie 110 of these bad boys and they accounted for the bulk of my time this past week in between work, the girls and spending time with the wife.
Mother Load o Headbangers...

One of my friends asked me in the middle of the "Sculpin Marathon",  just how much material goes into an order of flies like this.  Well, I couldn't give him an accurate answer at the time, but after some thought I figured it out.  Here is the total:

110 Size 2 Gamakatsu SP11-3H hooks
110 Size 1 Gamakatsu B10s hooks
110 Olive marabou plumes
110 Black marabou plumes
110 Tan marabou plumes
110 Rusty Brown marabou plumes
330 Black strands of Holographic flashabou
330 Brown strands of Holographic flashabou
3 packages of medium olive cactus chenille
3 packages of medium root beer cactus chenille
110 black schlappen feathers
110 fiery brown schlappen feathers
220 yellow/gold barred crazy legs
220 olive/brown barred crazy legs
1 dark olive arctic fox tail
1 fiery brown arctic fox tail
7 packages olive sculpin helmets
7 packages brown sculpin helmets
110 olive colored 3d pro eye beads
110 brown colored 3d pro eye beads
3 spools of 19 strand beadalon
4 packages olive colored senyo laser dub
4 packages sculpin olive colored senyo laser dub
3 spools of rusty brown utc 140
3 spools of olive utc 140.

As the late Kurt Cobain once said, "I'm on a plane".  Till my return....

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