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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Customer Feedback And Some Other Things

Another week in the books, thankfully.  After last nights round of tying, I capped this week off at a cool 43 dozen flies tied.  Needless to say, I am glad they are behind me as it was starting to get a little crazy.  I am very happy to move away from micro nymphs and on to some big streamers this week.  Here are a few photos of the last batch of orders, some larger anchors for some local fishermen.
Anchors, Anchors Anchors

Pocket Base Full Of Staged Nymphs Ready To Be Finished 

Tungsten Rubber Legs

On a side note, I received a bunch of emails from customers and tiers this week, and I figured I should share some of them with you.  The first of which is local, and should be a bit of good news for all of you in the area who ordered some of those nymphs last week.  Jason Shook, past guided client and frequent fly customer wrote this;


Picked off about a half dozen on the bridge at Church Pool, all except one on the DDT. Here's the highlight - no survivor markings, full finned, etc.

Actually had the double with this one on the dropper and another on the anchor (an offshoot of a Vladi Worm) but didn't land both. My net opening is 20", this guy just fit in.

The DDT Victim.  Photo Courtesy of Jason
Great looking brown there Jason, thanks for sharing.  If you forgot what the DDT looked like, let me refresh your memory.
DDT Nymph, Trout Candy

These flies as I stated a few weeks ago are one of my top producers in the summer months, and I guess you could say I have a lot of faith in them.

On another note, I received this series of photos from Jeff Kolb from the west coast.  Jeff has been a very kind and vocal fan of my patterns and has reached out on several occasions.  Jeff mentioned recently that he and his friend have been doing damage on the Meat Helmet Sculpin.  Jeff sent these photos of his friend Matt who just got back from fishing the Sauk River in Washington, where he lit up the Bully's on Meat Helmets Sculpins.  Olive was the hot color, and all were tied by Jeff.


Nice Bull Trout

Lastly, if you hadn't noticed, I uploaded a new video file to the CDC Loopwing Emerger from earlier this week.  The loopwing is also available in the Fly Store now too, so check it out.  I think I finally have my process dialed in and ready to go for my DVD project.  Messing around with file sizes and frame rates on the Nikon is behind me, and I feel pretty confident in my ability to produce a really quality DVD for all of you who have inquired.  I will probably add another lens to the camera bag and then I should be good.  Take a peek for yourself, and enjoy the video.  Any and all feedback will be welcomed, as I am all ears.  Thanks again, and the next post should be a rather good one.....

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