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Monday, July 9, 2012

Headbanger Sculpin Unveiled

The long wait and anticipation is over.  My latest articulated streamer, the Headbanger Sculpin is now available for purchase in the fly store.  For a limited time only, till this Friday (07/13/12), the headbanger will be available at a discounted price.  To kick this thing off right, you will all be able to purchase the headbanger for $5.00 each.  After Friday, the regular price will be $6.00 each.  Like all of my streamers, these are very durable and will catch multiple fish without issue.  In fact, I am still fishing the same first few prototypes that I tied over a month ago. 
The Brown N Tan and Olive N Black Headbanger

I will add a tying video in the future, most likely sometime in August as this month is straight up crazy for me and the family (more on that one later).  To take advantage of this offer you have to send an email as usual to  Title the email Headbanger Special, in the body of the email tell me how many you want, what colors (olive n black or brown n tan or both), a good mailing address and how you would like to pay, if you live in or out of state (Connecticut).  As always, an invoice via paypal will follow regardless of how you pay.  Lastly, orders are on a case by case basis so the order they come in is the order they get tied and fulfilled. 

Included in the order will be an added surprise for all who purchase them, I won't let the cat out of the bag on that one, it will be for those of you who take advantage of the deal to find out.  I'll give you a hint though, lets just say it will give the buyer an idea of how to maximize your ability to fish these bad boys.

This fly has been a real winner, and the design already has me thinking ahead to some new patterns.  Thanks again to everyone for the continued support.

****UPDATE 07/10/12***

As a result of several orders yesterday, and a 3 rather massive ones, the typical turnaround on orders is going to be pushed back to about 4-6 weeks.  thanks again everyone for the overwhelming support

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