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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Insect Report, Fishing, Flies....

One word pretty much sums it up for me these days.....  Busy.  The wife's been away across the country for work since last Saturday, so it's been a rather hectic week on all accounts.  The girls and I can't wait for her return tomorrow, even though it will be short lived.  I guess you could say things have been good on the fly front too.  It is rather apparent that many of you were waiting for that new streamer to come out, as I currently have well over a hundred of them to tie.  I should be getting to all of those sometime this weekend.
Sculpin  Helmets Ready To Go

For those of you who took me up on the deal, I plan on tying all of them together and then mailing them all out once.  It's just plain easier that way so I hope you all can bear with me on this as I literally got sucker punched with roughly 16 orders the other day.  That's not a misprint, and three of them are rather lengthy.  I  won't bore you with the particulars, but let's just say I had to order a thousand emerger hooks the other day if that sheds some light on things.
Mixed Bag Of Big Nasties

On another note, here is a picture of a nice selection of articulated streamers I tied up for a local customer/friend/fishing buddy.  I am pretty certain these will get some serious use in the months to come as I think he really started to get the streamer bug.  It's a good thing for him, he's a heck of a nymph fisherman but that's pretty much all he does.  Glad to see you're branching out buddy.
Macro Photography Fun

Lastly, I got out on the water once again for an early morning short lived jaunt.  I drummed up some nice browns but nothing really big so to speak.  I scoped out some water I hadn't fished in quite some time, and I reckon  it holds a couple of leviathans, I just need to do some recon on how to figure out their feeding lies and habits, and a game plan as to how to best fish for them as they are in a very large and deep expanse of water.  A little challenge of sorts you could say.

I will leave you with some bug pictures from today.  Being a self taught photographer is a very tedious  trial and error based endeavor so please bear with me, I am below amateur at best, but in due time I should be able to pump out some fairly good stuff as my equipment is much better and my skills are doing the same.  The insect photos are from today, and should shed some light on what is going on bug wise on the local watershed.  The winter/summer caddis hatch this morning was nothing short of epic, and the fish were on them pretty good.  They were one of the bugs that gave me great fits with the point n shoot Pentax, so I omitted the photos.  Enjoy the pictures and get out there and fish while we still have some cold water...

Trico's If You Know Where To Look 
Cahills Virtually Everywhere

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