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Monday, July 2, 2012

Product Testing......

You all are probably getting sick and tired of listening to me talk about this new streamer I've yet to unveil. I know, I know, enough already Rich, let the cat out of the bag, let us have it.  Like all my patterns, I like to make sure that they pass the test, while also experimenting with the pattern in various techniques, water types, times of day, conditions etc. etc.    I guess you could say that I like to be positive that I am putting out quality patterns that not only look good, but are proven fish catchers.
The First of the day

I guess this last outing sealed the deal for the Headbanger Sculpin.  Yes, that's it, I finally got a good name for this pattern, courtesy of a good friend and former guided client Josh.   Why the name you might ask?  This fly really reminds me of a mullet wearing 80's rocker, so I wanted something that was fitting.  The fly isn't available in the store yet, nor have I put the video together either.  I want to kick the pattern off with a promotion, but due to my current situation; waiting on a large shipment of tungsten beads to finish off last weeks deal, I will have to wait a few before I do so.  I'll end the post here, just check the photos that follow, those are all from the same outing, and don't let anyone fool you into believing that streamers are only good during high water in the spring and fall.   All fish were caught and released in the last 24 hours.......
Mug Shot #1

Mug Shot #2

First Wild Brown

Second Wild Brown

Mug Shot #3

Big Ugly...

Recent 2 Year Old


Handful Of Fatty

Mug Shot #4

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