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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Feedback, Updates, And Other Babbling Flyfishing Talk

I apologize for the silence around these parts lately.  I guess you could say I have been wading against the tide trying to keep  my head above water with a rather busy schedule these days.  The waters around here are warm and low, and I have made the command decision to put the rod down till the middle of September when (hopefully) things change for the better.  For now I am surrounded in a sea of material clippings everyday before and after work, finding my "zone" as I fulfill orders.

On the feedback front, I have been getting outstanding feedback from last months DDT special.  After tying a little over 100 dozen of them for the special, it has been a steady flow of emails with happy customers.  One of my mainstay customers wrote the other day, "Your DDT nymph has been my best fly of the summer accounting for 80% of all of my fish on the Farmington.  Thanks for a great pattern!"  There is nothing better than getting emails with positive feedback and photographs to back up the stories, keep em coming folks. 

Here is a recent letter from Mark Wittman that really made my day:


Earlier this year you sent me a collection of your top Euro nymphs.  I've used them as guides along with your videos and have been experimenting with the technique.  I was out on the Farmington yesterday and things were quiet in the afternoon so I decided to get a little practice in.  After getting the hang of leading the flies I manged to pick up a few fish on the DDT and the Rock Candy including a very nice brook trout that took the Rock Candy.  Just thought you might like to see one stuck in the jaw of Farmy brookie

thanks for the flies and the videos !"

If you didn't know, Mark has a really cool blog called Fishing Small Streams,  I suggest you check it out. 
Photo credit Mark Wittman

Photo credit Mark Wittman
Another cool piece I completely missed until recently was an update from Dave Henry over at 2Handed Trout.  If you recall, Dave featured my shanked version of the Ice Pick in an article on his blog a few months back.   Well, Dave's been out fishing these flies and apparently some fish out his way approved.  Check out the story by clicking the picture
A Battalion of Shanked Ice Picks
On another note, I have been intermittently attempting to work on the DVD project.  I will admit, it appears as though this project will take a little longer than I had anticipated.  But, in order to put something of quality together it usually takes time.  I am optimistic,  and will make all efforts to reach my November deadline, so wish me luck in the meantime.  I am afraid something will have to give in order for me to get this done, most likely a break from the videos on my Vimeo Channel.  Hopefully this won't be for too long a time.

When I get around to it, I plan on shooting a series of new photos for all of the flies in the storefront, with various color sequences and such so that any new customers can get a really good look at the products that I offer.  On top of that, I have a few new color schemes to unveil for some of my more popular jointed streamers, so check back soon for those, I won't let the cat out of the bag so to speak just yet.

I am currently immersed in one of a few "Box" projects as I like to call them.  This one although on paper isn't very large, it is still a time consuming effort as every fly is articulated and is full of all kinds of good fish catching stuff.  Here's a looksie of what I just spun up for a good friend/customer who had a huge void in his streamer arsenal.   I will most likely be adding a special section to the store front in regards to what you see below.  Seems lately that more people are looking for a full complement of flies for their home waters or abroad and I am always open to putting together that must have selection, heck, I can even get the fly box for you as well, or offer up my personal suggestion as you see here.

 Big flies require a big box, hence the Bugger Beast, or streamer suitcase as I like to call it.   If this is something that interests you, feel free to send me an email and we can put together that selection of patterns to fit the bill.  Till next time....

Just add water....

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