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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Product Updates.

So I promised a couple of new colors for a few of my patterns.  I'm letting the cat out of the bag on just two tonight, got a few more to follow in the weeks to come, and just in time for the forthcoming fall season.  Also if you've been paying attention to the store front, I have began the tedious task of updating the photos for all of the flies, here is one of the few that I did recently.
One Of My Personal Favorites

The first new color option I am unveiling today is a black  shucked up emerger.  I am offering this guy in both and 18 and 20 and it can be used for the trico, and even a midge.  I have had several people out on the Western side of the country tell me how great this fly is for any dark midge hatch, so I figured why not offer it on the store.

The second color option is for my HA-Snare and Hog Snare streamer.  Burnt orange is a great fall color for gnarly browns, so I figured it was long overdue to add this option to the store as well.  I have another couple colors in store for you all for these guys, so keep your eyes on the blog in the weeks to follow.
Burnt Orange n Black

For now, it's back on the vise.   Here are a few photos of some of what I have been spinning up by the dozens lately.......
Black Shucked Up Emergers

Two Dozen Light Olive Shucked Up Emergers

Small Portion Of Staged HA Snares....

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