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Monday, September 17, 2012

Fly Showcase, The Cellar Dweller Streamer

Some of the fly pictures in my store needed a face lift, this one especially.  I figured it was long overdue, and for a pattern that really is a bit different than most.  You all hear me harp on the place that Jig style streamers have in my arsenal, well this is one of my earlier creations that has sort of fallen by the wayside as the result of some newer more creative efforts.
Brown Cellar Dweller

Don't let that deter you from tying these guys, they are very effective and a quick tie by all means.   I have updated the pictures in the storefront so I hope you get the gist of what this tasty morsel is all about.
Olive Cellar Dweller

For more on how to order the Cellar Dweller, check it here:  Cellar Dweller

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