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Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Fly Showcased In The Store

Slowly but surely I am continually adding new stuff to the store.  At some point, maybe next year perhaps, I will have a whole new subsection in there for you tiers.  But for now, here is the latest addition, the Farmington's one and only Winter Caddis Pupa.
The Hi Vis (firefly) Winter Caddis Pupa

I did the video on this a few years ago, so it was only fitting to add the pattern to the store.  As you can see from the photo, this is the "hi vis" version, as popularized by Emil, one of the Church pool's regulars.   Emil coined the bright versions as "Fireflies", often confusing many of the customers heading to the local shops for these bugs.
Top View

 In the store you'll be able to choose from the standard all black or brown/black versions, or the high vis versions for those who have a tougher time seeing these little guys on the water.  The fish only see the dark colored under body while you the angler can see the bright backed fly.  Win, win in my book.
Underside View.

To round the post out, what would it be without some recent fly pictures.  Here is a nice couple of photos of what I have spun up lately for some of you out there.  Enjoy the photos and see you all soon, hopefully on the water as you can all tell from my last quick post I am in dire need of some river time.
Mixed Order Of Streamers

Custom Order Of Pike Sized Hog Snares. BIG AND BAD ASS!

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