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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Revelations, And Getting Back Into A Groove

Where to begin, oh I don't know.  Maybe explain why the posts are getting less frequent?  Nah, that's pretty obvious.  I guess I'll start with some recent fishing adventures from the last couple days.   With my latest acquisition to the rod arsenal, I was very torn as to where I wanted to fish, and what I wanted to target.   Small stream maybe....  No, not feeling it.  Maybe a river from back home?  Ya, that sounds good.

So I skipped out of the house at o dark thirty, full thermos of coffee, dew on the truck and a cool 37 degrees at daybreak.  Glad I packed the fleece hat for my bald noggin, otherwise I would have been fairly miserable.  Luckily, as the sun rose for the day, so did the temperature to a very comfortable 65 degrees.  Greeted with swarms of tricos, yet no fish interested, I opted for my #1 option.   Streamers.  There is just something about watching a brown Trout turn itself inside out to eat a well placed streamer, and that old adage we streamer fishermen know so well, "the tug is the drug", echoes in my head, but you all know that's nothing new from me.

Luckily, the fish cooperated and I had quite the morning.  For streamer fishing, this day was to be a numbers day, with several fish in the 12-14 inch range landed.

I tangled with several wild browns and holdovers alike, even losing battle with a real hog of a brown.  I managed to stick one nice fish that was around the 17 inch mark, and just spectacular to look at.  Even though this guy was rather thin, he made up for it in colors.

Even though I have a thirst for larger fish, I couldn't help but admire this gem of a  brown trout.  What he lacked in size, he made up for in heart, not to mention his spectacular patterning.  I guess a 4 inch streamer was no match for this guy, I hope he makes it as I think this little bugger has some serious potential.

After tangling with several nice trout, I decided to explore a bit and see if I could drum up a real quality fish to round out my trip.  Thankfully, I made the right decision by not packing it up and heading for greener pastures, and I was rewarded with this really nice specimen.

The take from this fish was nothing short of vicious.  I had been working this deep run with several casts, and on this particular cast I let my tan & yellow HA-Snare sink a little deeper.  On the second strip this big buttery slab came unglued and hit the snare like a freight train.

After snapping a few pictures, reviving my friend and sending her on her way, I decided it best to head back towards home.  With some time on my hands, I broke out the new Sage Circa, and put her through the paces on my local waters.

Two words come to mind when fishing the Circa.  "Slow Down".  The Circa although a graphite rod is very much reminiscent of fiberglass.  Slower action, flex into the handle, but unbelievably accurate.  Being a bit more flexible than many of the faster action rods which have become the standard, this rod is ultra forgiving for light tippets, and I found this out in short order with the first few fish that I played. I won't go into great detail, but in short, I really like this rod.

The river is still running in my head from my last outing, and the relaxed casting stroke that became rhythmic with each presentation is penetrating my soul.  I'm not sure how or if that time spent waist deep in a gently glide effects you all, but for me it cleanses my soul, brings me back to earth and reminds me to slow down.

I'll leave you all with a few customary fly pictures.  I see that it is only fitting that they be of streamers from one of the many orders I have stacked up on my desk.

My eyes are hardly open now, and I will leave you with these images.  I can honestly say that I am as much of a kid today as I was when I was just a boy.   I barely slept the other night, filled with anticipation of my upcoming excursion.  I guess you could say it never gets old......

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