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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Water Time...

It was nice to get back out onto some water today.  A few hours on my local river was a nice reprieve from what I have been grinding out lately.  Although I didn't manage any monsters today, I did round out a nice couple of hours with a few handfuls of fish, all with the exception of one on dry flies.
The River If It Had More Water In It

The only thing that detracted from my outing, was the poor shape that several of the fish I landed were in.  When I say poor, I am referring to the missing jaws, lips and other various open sores that I observed on the mouths of my catch.  It is very apparent to me that several people who are practicing catch and release in that particular stretch of water, are not using the required barbless hooks.
Several Of These Guys Today

On the bug front, there were several caddis emerging this morning as well as the sporadic Isonychia.  The fly that managed to do the trick for me today was a rusty color Shucked Up Emerger in a size 14.  When presented well, the fish obliged rather nicely.

I just put the final touches on another rather tedious selection of streamers.  This nice batch, Bugger Beast included is on it's way to Canada in the morning.
A Nice Selection Of Tasty Morsels

On a final note, after several requests have come in for some semi realistic baitfish imitations from both friends and customers alike, I have been busy tinkering around with some new materials that have come across my desk in the last few weeks, in hopes of creating something worthy.  I'll give you all a little sneak peak into what I have gotten into thus far, with a little more creativity I may be on to something.  Rich's baitfish series?  Only time will tell.....
Hot Off The Vise

Close Up Wet

See you in the next post....

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