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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Headbanger Sculpin Video

Here she is for all of you who requested it.  Enjoy the video, I hope it answers any and all questions you all have had about this streamer.  Tie a few, it's been a good one!
Click The Picture To Go To The Video
On a side note, I have had some people overly thankful in the past 3 years for the videos that I have completed and put up for your enjoyment.  There is a new function via Vimeo called tip jar.  I am not expecting or asking anyone to go there and make a deposit, but, if you like the videos a lot and they give you the urge to say thanks, by all means drop a tip in the tip jar.   The proceeds will be put to good use towards better equipment for future videos and other fishing related stuff.  Once again, thanks again for following..

-Rich Strolis-

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