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Monday, October 8, 2012

Late Fishing Report

So my good friend Mike and I ventured out for our annual "Fall Float" on one of our favorite streams.  With water levels up, just not up enough for my liking, the streamer fishing was pretty much a non event compared to the year prior.  When not on the oars, I was busy playing with the panorama function on my new IPhone.
Mike Frantically Changing Flies

Getting Mike out of the woods this time of year is a feat in and of itself, so when he said he was putting together a pot of Venison Stew, I couldn't pass this one up.  The day would pan out to be perfect weather wise, however, the fishing was another thing on the stretch that we floated.

As I stated earlier, the fish never really turned on to the streamers that day.  I ran the gamut of techniques, patterns and retrieves and it just didn't produce.  So after we anchored up at the sweet spot of a really nice pool, fired up the stove on the shore and choked down some of the best venison stew I have had to date, we rigged up a dry fly rod as we saw the beginning of a nice hatch of olives.

The rises were very subtle, nothing more than slight dimples in the film and it was pretty apparent that the fish were keying in on these rather small olive bodied sailboats migrating down the water's surface.

It just so happened it was my turn on the rod, and I got extremely lucky.  I really nice rainbow was poking his nose through the meniscus about 40 feet off the side of the boat right off a nice seam created by a submerged rock.  On the second cast the fish ate and it was on.  After a couple of long runs, jumps and barrel rolls I wrangled this guy to the boat, and on a size 20 olive on 6x, a tippet you don't often hear roll off the likes of my tongue.
20 Inches On The Dot

This was the only trout we brought to the boat this day, Mike turned into the Fall Fish slayer, doing battle with several that were surface feeding.  We hooked a handful of other trout, but due to equipment issues (mikes dry line was sticky like grip tape) we booted or lost them.

It was a very nice change from what I have been doing lately, surface feeding trout never get old for me, even when my latest addiction has been moving big streamers for aggressive fish (also never gets old).
Would Have Liked A Few Of These Guys

The day ended at a reasonable hour, and I made the trek back in time to put my girls to bed.  The 2 plus hour drive got me to thinking of some new pattern ideas for the next year.  A couple of them if they come to fruition could be really cool.  Once I catch up a bit, I should get started on them.

On another note, the initial streamer class went off this weekend without a hitch, I even landed a nice brown during the on stream portion despite the excessive leaf hatch we had.
Class Fish.  Photo Courtesy of "JJ"

 For all of you that are attending the second round on the 20th, I think you will all have a great time.  For the sake of not letting the cat out of the bag, I will save the rest till the class.   As a result of reworking the on stream portion a bit, I have room for 2 more people in the class.  If you are interested just call the shop and secure the seat. 
Olive Classified Caddis Pupa

Oh, and before I forget, I completed the first of 8 tutorials for the DVD project.  I will not disclose what pattern I have done, but I will say that I am very pleased with the end product.   If I can keep on target at 1 video a week, then I should have this thing wrapped up and ready to go by January 1.  I have also still continued the process of shooting and loading higher quality photos of the flies in the store front, hope to keep on pace with this concept as well and continue to add new products to the store in the months to come. 

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