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Sunday, October 14, 2012

News, And Daily Rituals

I wish I could tell you that this was going to be an exciting action packed post, but it just isn't the case.  If you're looking for some pictures with grip n grins, and some text describing an outing, you'll be disappointed.

Those who know me well, understand my addiction to coffee.  I am in complete denial that I am an addict, explaining to others that I drink coffee regularly as I just plain relish the flavor.  I mean, honestly, there's nothing like a rich cup of java pretty much anytime of the day in my book.  Luckily for me, I have built up some sort of superhuman immunity to the effects of caffeine, as I can drink a triple shot of espresso late at night and immediately fall asleep minutes later. 

So where am I going with this?  To go hand in hand with my coffee, I am a very superstitious guy.  I like things a certain way, and my coffee routinely has to be consumed by the same cup every morning.  I "Had" a great brown trout mug that was a staple for several years.  It was a stout cup, short and stocky but it held a generous amount of "Mud" so to speak, and it was the one I turned to daily.  Well it fell to it's demise a few months ago, and I was forced to drink my coffee in one of the many plain, non fishing related mugs we have in our cabinet (boring, sorry Meg).

Well, yesterday my new cup arrived in the mail.  I am certain many of you have heard of Derek DeYoung, the very talented artist who specializes in fishing related images.  If not, you can see his work at his website  Canvas Fish.    I guess it's safe to say my coffee is being honored these days, kinda like the trout I now catch with that wonderful new net I picked up a few months back. 
I couldn't just get a coffee mug when I checked out Derek's site, he has just too many awesome products to salivate over.  I ended up grabbing a pair of his pint glasses too as they were just unlike any pint glass that I had ever seen before.   Hopefully, these last a long time as they are really bad ass, and I am certain that beer will taste much better in them.

Speaking of beer, this past week the wife and I took the girls over to our favorite pizza place for dinner.  On tap was a new locally crafted Amber from the folks at Back East Brewing Company.   If you recall, I gave them a mention about a year ago after I met Tony (owner) and his wife Shannon through mutual friends.  Tony and Shannon are awesome people and the "brews" that Tony has crafted are very good.  The amber is fantastic, and I put it right up there with several of my favorites.  If you're looking for something different, I highly recommend giving their brews a taste, as they are very tasty and locally crafted. 

On a final note, I will give you a sneak peek into something that I will be off loading very shortly.  If you saw the Facebook post then you already know about it.  My Hyde drift boat will be going on the market in the next couple of weeks.  Once I go through her thoroughly, an extensive and detailed post will go up on the site.  More on that shortly.....

Here is a little sneak peak, as you can see she's been garaged but has become a storage container for most of this season as we just haven't had the water to use her.  More on this soon, and why I am offloading this guy so stay tuned....

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