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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Symposium Weekend.

Good To Have The Real Stuff Once Again

Well, well, well. I am home now, and as you can see I am back on the wagon again feeding my coffee addiction.   I made it to and from Jersey in one piece, and I am glad that I was able to once again make the trip south to spend some time tying amongst some of the crafts finest.  I look at experiences like this past weekend as an honor.  To be included as part of a really special group of people who are all as passionate about tying and fishing as I am is really awesome.  The best part of the show is typically not so much the tying, but hanging out with the group of participants that you've become friends with, new and old. 
These Were A Hit, 3 Growlers Of Backeast Amber For Our Crew

Prior to leaving Friday, and all the decisions that come with figuring on just how much "stuff" to bring finally settled in, I had to run some errands.  Friday morning was really a blur after getting in late the night prior from work.  I made a quick jaunt south to grab my boat, and yes, it is for sale just it may not make the website as I have 3 prospective buyers at the moment whom I've given first right of refusal.  After getting her home and back in the garage, I packed my truck and started my trip south..... sort of.

It was only 9:30, so twist my arm, hey look, there's the Farmington River.  Just so happens it was right smack in the middle of my route, so hey what the heck, might as well wet a line considering my fishing plans last week got stomped.
A Mini Brown A Bit Gluttonous

A quick 2 hour hit turned out to be a worthwhile excursion and I found myself having a very difficult time pulling myself off the water.  But, thankfully I came to my senses and left on time as I vividly remember just how awful rush hour traffic is in the busy state of New Jersey, and I was just not putting myself through that mess again.  I think I'd rather chew tinfoil, drink sand or stuff a sharpened pencil in my eye rather than fight that chaotic mess.   As you can see, the fish once again cooperated, and the streamer bite was pretty good, I even netted one fish that eclipsed the magic 20" mark.
A Nice Holdover 2 Year Old From Some Time Ago At A Shade Over 21"

I rubbed a little salt in my buddy Schmidt's wounds on that one, he was about 7 hours into a grueling 9 hour drive from Ohio to the show, and I just couldn't help but text him a photo of the morning fish.  I guess I wasn't the only one who had fishing on the brain, as Mike Heck did the same thing, and he too rubbed it in a bit, (sorry buddy).  It got the best of me though, as my GPS missed my turn and I ended up going through the Bronx and the George Washington Bridge to get there.  Totally sucked!

The show was in a bigger venue this year, and although it was much more roomy for all the tyers but I think the effects from the recent Hurricane put a damper on the attendance a bit.  I wish everyone who experienced the Hurricanes wrath a speedy and safe recovery.  The number of line trucks was pretty boggling, it seemed as though every Hotel in the area was a sea of Utility Trucks.
Swim Tank Got Was A Hit, As Was The Headbanger Sculpin

Even though the traffic was a little lighter than we all had anticipated, the visitors to our table (Kevin Compton and I shared a table) was steady.   The Headbanger was a hit, and every one that I had tied and tied at show was purchased (wish I had more time to prep flies for this one, always next time).  I think when I do the Lancaster and Marlborough shows I will bring a heavy assortment of flies for purchase, and I already have several tying requests for the Lancaster show as well.  Kevin and I had a pretty steady flow of traffic, and we had a great time tying next to one another.  Kevin has some new products back in stock in his store, so check them out.  Heck, you might even be seeing a couple new tying videos using some of them soon.
Mike And Mike On Sunday

Aside from myself, I too have several tyers in the fly tying realm whom I truly admire for what they do.  Aside from the flies my table partner Kevin Compton, and good friends Mike Schmidt and Mike Heck spin up, I made the rounds to a couple of other folks I think do amazing stuff.   A few of these people are Paul Rossman, who ties some of the most amazing Salmon Flies that you will ever lay eyes on.  Allen Landheer, who not only ties beautiful spey flies, he is an absolute wealth of knowledge and a fish magnet.  David Nelson, who I met a few years ago, spins up some of the coolest aesthetically pleasing flies on various shanks and tubes with some of the rarest materials.   Joe Cordeiro and Steve Silverio, masters at the art of the flatwing, and Johnny King, who's creations I have admired for some time now, and finally got the chance to meet in person.  Brian Carson from Clear Cure Goo is a great guy too, and a character to boot. 

Hands down though, Pat Cohen's deer hair creations are on a level that words can't describe.  Whenever I see one of Pat's flies, one word comes to mind.  Speechless.  Pat is a tremendously talented tyer, and a true artist.  His work is second to none, and I think it is very safe to say that he has raised the bar when it comes to tying stacked deer hair flies.   Pat is a real quality dude, and we may be hitting some water together in the months to come. 
The Brown Trout That Pat Tied, This Will Never See Anything But A Picture Frame

Now that I am back, its back to the vise again.  I have one order remaining from last month that is about complete, should hit the mail in the morning, and about 6 others from about a week ago.  I'll see you at the vise, or maybe the FRAA next week.

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