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Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 For Catching Shadows

I'm gonna keep it short and sweet.  I want to thank everyone who has helped build this custom fly business from the ground up.  I never imagined the transition to go from guiding to commercial tying as well as it did, and I owe all of my friends, family, customers and fan base for all of your continued support. 

Hopefully 2013 will be another year of growth in the right direction.  I already have some great ideas in the works in regards to fresh patterns, as well as building the library of patterns currently available in the store.  There might be a couple of new sections in the store as well, keep your eyes peeled there.  For now, here is a quick little video I put together from my fishing efforts from 2012.  Lets just say its a quick little highlight reel of some of the more memorable moments.  The soundtrack is rather fitting too, as this past year I got the opportunity to fish on some of the best days rather than give them up to my customers (sorry folks).
Click the Photo To Watch The Video

Enjoy and I hope you all have a happy and safe new year!

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