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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Realistic Baitfish Streamer Is Now Available

If you recall, say about a month ago, I was tinkering around with a pretty nice and easy little bait fish streamer.  Single hook, smaller compared to my normal fare, for those of you out there who requested such a fly, the time is now.
The 5 colors from top to bottom, brown, black, tan, white and olive

I have just unveiled the Realistic Bait fish Streamer in the fly store.  She comes in five colors and two size currently, like my normal course of action, I like to keep things simple.  Coming in around 2-1/2-3 inches long, unweighted and easy to cast.  More colors and sizes to follow, but for now here is the line up, and check her out in the store, she swims nice too.
Wet, mm tasty

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