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Thursday, January 3, 2013

2013 Busy Season Already

With each new year, things change and typically for the better.  I want to take the time in this post to update all of my loyal fans, customers and friends alike.  Last year being my first true  full year in the commercial fly tying realm, things went great, in fact much better than I had anticipated.  Turnaround times started out on an average of 3-7 days from date of order.  That is all but a memory my friends.  As I state on my store front, the orders are filled case by case in the order they are received. 
Here's To  A Great New Year
As things have grown and the number of orders has increased, completion times increase.  That being said, if you are hoping to place an order last minute in hopes of getting them that week, this probably won't happen.  Think ahead, please take what I have to say to heart, order early, get your order in line.  4-6 weeks should do it, but if things look crazier, I will let you all know.  Now I don't want to cause any mass hysteria (that sounds funny), but if you want a selection of hendrickson emerger's for example, don't drop an order in the middle of the hatch hoping to get them that day for the spinner fall. 

The Pile Grows
2013 has already started out running steam ahead, and I have a full plate from now till the beginning of April.  Between shows, presentations and larger orders piling up, don't be shocked if the posts become a little infrequent.  What I will try and do is stick to 2-4 new videos a month to keep you all tying away.  If you wanna keep up to date, follow the Facebook page, I will be putting up photos, quick tidbits and the like there often.  There will be some new additions to the fly store too, including some materials that some of you have had difficulty finding.  I hope to expand that section of the store as the year moves along.   I have already learned that TMC has done away with the 108 spbl hook, so I will have to do some improvisation to continue to pump out the Shucked Up Emerger
Streamers Galore

I hope to make 2013 another exciting year for both new patterns and fishing adventures so tag along and enjoy the ride.  For now here are a few pictures of some recent orders out the door.

Steelhead Swingers

More Streamers Of The Large Sorts

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