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Friday, January 11, 2013

2013 Year Long Contest/Schwag-athon

Those of you who know me well might think I'm generous, crazy, out of my mind or maybe all of the above.  I try to keep things fresh each year, last year the fly deals were great, they pushed business in the beginning of the year and boosted my customer base tremendously.  I have been desperately scratching my head at a way to spread the word, build the social media page while also giving all of you out there something to shoot for. 
Wanna Win Me Full Of Flies?  Read on.

Well, I think I found just the thing to do that.  Starting now, and running till December 31,2013 I will be running a year long contest to win A Brand New Bugger Beast Loaded with flies tied by yours truly.  Yeah, that's right, you read it correctly an entire suitcase of flies. 

Well, whats the catch Rich?  Simple, all that I ask in return is you like the Facebook Fan Page.  Pretty simple right?  Here is the great thing about this contest too, all of you who are already liking the page are eligible to win the prize. 

Here's how this is going to work, as the number of likes grows, I will add flies to the box and show pictures in the blog as the box continues to grow.  I will start the box off with a dozen articulated streamers to get things kick started, and then add to it as the numbers grow.  If we surpass some target numbers that I have in mind, and that box is loaded to capacity, I may add another prize to the mix.  So, in essence the more people who like the page, the prize(s) get sweeter. 

I plan on putting up a side bar on the blog that will link to the year long sweepstakes, share it, spread the word, this one's on you folks.   You have the ability to make this one really cool, and add to the number of prizes if we can get things going.  Share it, tell your friends get it out there, you could win a suitcase of streamers or maybe something more........

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