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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Post Flyfishing Show Craziness

Last weekends Fly Fishing Show in Marlborough went very well.  I was fortunate enough to share a table with Pat Cohen at, and it is pretty safe to say we had a nice crowd most of the weekend.  Unfortunately, I barely had a voice and found out upon my return that I have an upper respiratory infection.  A little antibiotics later and I'm back on the road to recovery. 

I am going to keep this post pretty brief, as I have a follow up post for you all that will be a bit more in depth, a review of sorts, you'll see in a day or two.  I am back on the vise pretty hard as I have a good pile up of orders on the desk to hammer out.  Here is a picture of some custom work that I am doing, and from the amount of buzz it created overnight, may be something you see me offer up full time.  Some of my favorite flies of all time are Rangeley style streamers.  When I got the invitation to fully customize a set using substituted marabou wings, I couldn't resist.  Here's the byproduct.
Custom Work, My Favorite

Lastly, the year long contest is in full swing, the number of likes got a huge boost last night courtesy of the folks over at Rock River Rods, thanks guys!  Give their Facebook Page A like too!  As a result, I pitched a couple more flies in her last night.  At the rate we are going this box will be a real treat to whomever wins her.

The First Dozen
Brook Trout Articulated Ice Pick's Added To The Box Last Night, 14 Flies And Counting

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