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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hog Snare In The News.

So my guide friend Rob Nicholas just returned from his annual excursion to Chile.  Rob has been hosting trips there for close to 2 decades now, and he has had some fantastic trips there over the years.  If you recall, I sent Rob off last year with a few custom Hog Snare streamers in Rainbow trout colors to chase some big browns. 

Well, it appears the "Snares" did Rob and his chronies well, read on:

Jorge With A Nice Brown
The handsome guide is Jorge.  He took that fish just after lunch by wading out and doing
a roll cast....not an easy feat with such a heavy fly.  It was cold and raining hard on this day.
The next day there was fresh snow in the mountains.  Two days later.....97 and sunny!
"Some nice browns fell to your fly on the Rivadavia in Los Alerces Nat'l Park
in Argentina.  I was fishing with Esquel Outfitters whom I believe is one of the best
in the business in all of Patagonia.
Rob With A Nice Brown
Mug Shot

I would love some more of these for next years trips but in darker colors such as black and olive.
Every guide I show them to is in awe.

Hope you are well!"


If you want to go to Chile, Rob has a really good handle on setting that up.  Look him up, check it out his information is below. 

Rob Nicholas
Fishing Guide &

Patagonia Travel Consultant

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