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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crunch Time

After last weeks thumb incident, a week from hell at the day job, a full schedule of kids appointments and other nonsense, I guess you could say it's been a little bit of overload here.  I have been spinning the tails for the remainder 15 dozen articulated flies I have to finish in a rather large order as evidenced by the picture below.  Really sucked yesterday when I realized that I was down to about a foot of olive cactus chenille and would have to wait to finish off the olive/black tails that make up the remaining 3 dozen.   Sometimes you lose track of your inventory when your being pulled in a 100 directions.
Tails, Tails Tails....

I have gotten several requests for several variations in the shade of black for my headbanger sculpin.  I myself understand the request wholeheartedly, but being a bit of a perfectionist, not having a matching colored skull was preventing me from making this fly available.  Well folks, I caved in, here is a much requested black and red version I spun up using the dark brown skull, and to be honest, I am pretty happy with the end result.  The one in the picture was actually fished too.
One Of The Many Shades Of Black Now Available In The Store

So, as I always do, flies I spin get water time to make the grade.  This pattern already makes the grade, but as we all know, I always field test flies just to be certain that they will  be as effective as I perceive they will.  Yesterday was my only option as the rest of my week is pretty well shot to say the least. 

Morning temperatures in the low teens were a rather discomforting reminder that winter is still here unfortunately.  Ice on the guides was a reality for the short 3 hour jaunt that I made to the river, and the ensuing snowstorm that left us with another 5 inches of the white stuff this morning also forced me to shorten my trip (actually the flies on the agenda helped make that decision too). 

I guess you could say the black and red Headbanger was well received as evidenced by this guy below.  The take on this one was extra special in my book.  In short, I watched this fish chase down my fly, magically appearing out of thin air (or water) from behind a submerged boulder.  As I pulled my fly out of the water I watched him veer back to his rock.  A quick short cast across and above his position I let the streamer dead drift and BAM!, she smoked it.  Fun Fun, man do I love this stuff.  The new Headbanger Sculpin and Groupie Patterns are now available in the Store.
Butter On The Brain

After a great show from a very large fish, I moved on to fling some new stuff I've been working on. One of which I have put some sneak peeks up on the facebook page about.  I can tell you, when the fish get cranking in another month or so, this particular fly is not going to disappoint.  I will warn you though, your 6 weight will not handle it.......
Nice Specimen

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