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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Customer And Happy Fly Emails

There's nothing more satisfying to a commercial fly tyer than getting some pictures of fish caught on your flies, and stories to go with it.  I have been getting an influx of these lately, and I apologize if I missed a few of yours out there, I've been in robot mode on the vise now that the show season is over.  Here are a couple of recent shots and stories to wet your whistle.

"Hey Rich,

got out for a few hours today, the DDT nymph was really effective. these were the fish of the day, used the DDT as my dropper and rotated the rock candy and shimmer stones in brown and gold for my anchor. wanted to share the photos with you.  spring is on deck!"

Hey Rich,

Here's the pics.  A couple didn't come out so clear and not all have the bug in the steelheads face.  The tan bug was from this weekend.  The 2 I hit this winter were on the the black and olive.   I've never done well on steelhead pulling bugs but for whatever reason they go nuts for that Headbanger.  I gotta say it as realistic a sculpin as there is on the market and it's movement is killer.  I've moved some giant browns on them, one of which was around an 8lb lake run.  It ate and I pulled the hook, I wanted to cry.  Was on the same day I hit the 2 steelhead...was already a great day and could have been epic."


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