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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Where To Begin?

This past weekend was for me, the last fly fishing show of my winter season.  To say that it was a really nice venue is an understatement.  Lancaster Pennsylvania has been by far one of the more enjoyable if not the most for me thus far, and I look forward to doing this show again in the near future.
Scene As I Rolled Into Town

I was fortunate enough to share a table with my good friend and fellow streamer fanatic, Mike Schmidt of Anglers Choice Flies.  To say we had a good time is putting mildly, Mike even wrote a great write up of our weekend, so for the sake of not repeating myself, check out Mikes HERE.
Mike Spinning Up One Meaty Muskie Slider

What I will say though, is Mike and I were both a bit bummed as our last couple of shows left us both with nothing to offer at the table other than what came off our vises.  We both got cleaned out at our last shows, and with orders piling up, there was just no way to replenish our stocks.  As I do more of these shows, I learn a little more and more each time, and the lesson this year has been tie for the shows throughout the year.

I also inevitably make some new friends as a result of these shows, and this show didn't disappoint.  My newest acquaintance is Scott Hunter from Vedavoo.  Scott is the owner of a great new company that specializes in 100% American made packs and accessories for fly fishing.  Scott is a great guy and his products are really cool too, check em out for yourself.   Just so happens Scott isn't too far from me, so I think a couple fishing trips are in the works to boot. 
Even Scored Me Some Goods Too!

Day one found me completing 48 mini headbanger sculpins for a couple of retail and shop orders, so tinkering wasn't on the agenda that day.  It was a very productive day to say the least, let the picture do the talking.
Dozens Of Mini Headbanger Sculpins

Day two found me playing around a bit, and I think I have the Juggernaut dialed in, and I also have the brown and yellow version of the Headbanger Sculpin ready for release now available in the fly store.
Brown And Yellow Juggernaut

Newly Added Brown And Yellow Headbanger

Part of the weekend was supposed to find me connected with my new boat, but as I type this, the new ride is still in Iowa heading east.  I am perfectly alright with that to be honest, I got another week of craziness here so it's fitting I will have to wait a bit more, besides, what's a couple more days right?

I did however manage to get out on the water for a few hours yesterday on my way home.  I met up at my buddy Mikes on Sunday after the show with hopes of hitting some water on Monday morning.  While Mike worked, I proceeded to destroy his kitchen with tying materials, getting into production mode in a foreign place.  What's a guy to do when he's a bit backed up?  It's what I call managing ones free time wisely. 
The Mess I Made At Mikes

When we woke up Monday morning after a night of some more Backeast Brewery Amber and Golden Ale, we were greeted with below freezing temperatures and winds that made it feel  closer to zero than thirty.  I also woke up with a nice bout of lower back spasms as the result of a minor slip on the ice the night prior.  I gritted it out and we made our way stream side, the first time in 2013 for both of us.  My back wouldn't have it and we ended up cutting it short after only 2 hours, but all wasn't lost as we still managed a good time out there despite less than desirable conditions.

Mike got his first taste of the Headbanger and it's bottom related effectiveness and he scored one nice fish, and lost a Toad a little later.  Although I came up empty handed, I managed a couple of bumps and a really nice follow in my limited time on the water.  It was really good to get back on the water despite being in agony with a good friend who I didn't fish with at all for the most part in 2012.  Oh, and for the record, these flies were manipulated in the water column folks, not on the swing, which made a big believer in Mike that swung streamers are NOT the only streamer game in the winter.
Nom Nom Nom

So here I am finishing off this post, a couple of new sticks in the mix (talk about those later)  and a few more orders in the pile as well.  For the next four weeks its a full on tying marathon with a couple club presentations mixed in.  I have a couple of new ideas brewing in my melon, but in order for me to get going on those, I gotta catch up a bit.  This week, the last two orders of January will be finished and in the mail by Friday for those of you still waiting.  That last sentence should paint a very vivid picture of just how much I've been tying and the ever increasing volume of orders coming in.  So, back to the vise and see you all soon, next few posts should be fly riddled photo driven posts.

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