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Monday, April 8, 2013

Weekly Update

Ever feel like life is going by like a blur?  That pretty much sums up how things are going over here lately.  Two weeks ago I was in Pennsylvania at Penn State University, giving my Streamer Presentation to the Penn State Fly Fishing Club.  This past week I was in Worcester Massachusetts doing the same for the Central Mass Chapter of Trout Unlimited.  Both groups were gracious hosts and I had a wonderful time talking about a subject I enjoy quite a bit. 
Custom Hog Snare With CCG Molded Eyes. 

Last week you probably remember the kitchen table shot of all those flies headed to the Westbranch Angler, this weekend I managed to complete 12 dozen of the 41 dozen on the menu for the Toadfly in Arkansas.  Plans are to get another 12 dozen in the mail for next week, maybe more.  I still will not be fulfilling any of the new orders till after April 15, more like the 20th upon my return from Islamorada. 

Ice Pick Party All Weekend
Paul Beel over at Frankenfly dropped me a line a few weeks back and inquired about doing an interview.  Paul's blog is rolling nicely and I really enjoy his content, so doing this one was a no brainer.  You can check the interview out here:  FRANKENFLY INTERVIEW.   I will warn you though, its a lengthy one. 

The Flyfishing Film Tour is coming this week, and a really cool raffle is in place that sends the proceeds to a good cause.  The beauty of this raffle is it allows those of you who cannot attend to lend a hand and possibly win something to boot.  You can check out the raffle details here:   FILM TOUR RAFFLE. 

Lastly, looks like I will finally get the new boat in the drink this coming weekend.  I know, all of you feel my pain, poor Rich, tying flies like a caffeine crazed lunatic, not even able to wet a line or throw meat,  poor guy has got to be chomping at the bit (just kidding).  In all seriousness, it will be nice to spend some time on one of my favorite rivers this coming weekend with some good friends.  The fishing will be secondary, time on the oars taking it all in will be great, I can't wait.  I'll also be tying and giving my streamer presentation at the Westbranch Angler's  Hell or High Water event on Saturday.  If you are up, come check it out or stop by to say hey and BS.  

Who knows, maybe we will even boat a few of these..

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