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Saturday, May 4, 2013

So What's This Big Announcement??

If you've been following my pictures on Facebook, you probably think my big announcement is the release of one of my latest flies, a jointed crayfish that has yet to find a name.  This guy coming in at just over 3 inches is not only articulated, but she boasts a pair of 4mm rattles embedded in the carapace section, and a pair of mini sculpin helmets in the tail .

To say that I am pleased with this fly is an understatement.  I strive to produce one solid pattern a year and this one is a home-run.  The cool thing about my crayfish project is it's a three part venture.  What's that mean you ask?  I have two more crayfish patterns to unveil in the months to come.  I'll let the suspense kill you on that one folks but for now here is a few pictures of the articulated crayfish to wet your whistle.  A video and appearance in the store to follow, but once I get things back in order over here, so don't hold your breathe on seeing that really soon.
Front View

Side View.

So, what is the big announcement?  The fly is cool but this isn't what I was talking about.  You all saw me talk about trying to put a DVD together at one time, which sort of got put by the wayside as a result of many things, mostly lost enthusiasm.  Well, in all honesty I have had a goal of sorts since I delved into the commercial side of Fly fishing and it  just so happens that the goal will be coming to fruition.  I just recently signed a contract with Stackpole books to write a book detailing several of my fly patterns.  I am very excited, humbled and pleased to say that I will be working with Jay Nichols on this project, and although it will be a very detailed and time consuming task, it is one that I am very much looking forward to.

As I get acclimated to the task at hand, the fly store will reappear for you all.  Until then I'll be working on a labor of love......

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