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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Weekly Water Time

Pretty darn good week if I do say so myself.  Just so happens I got to share a few moments with my oldest daughter Tessa stream side.  Her level of excitement was almost uncontainable to say the least. Although we only had a little time to spare, we made the most of it and she had a little taste of what trout fishing is all about, might even have another addict on my hands here.

It was really cool watching her excitement as I played a fish, flipped some rocks and spent a little time with her at the waters edge while her kid sister was in school.  Tessa is already a pro at catch and release, and handling her first brown trout has surely ingrained something in her that I think we will see a lot more of.  Next, to get her sister out there doing the same, looks like that is already in the works.  Can you say a family fishing trip?
Due to a busy schedule, some heavy rains back home north of the border, and a few other things, I was confined to my home waters yesterday.  Unfortunately I was unable to make an entire day of it, but, being the early bird that I am, I put in a solid outing as the result of getting up with the rising sun.  Luckily for me, I had the time to spend on the water.   A nasty thunderstorm greeted me at zero-dark-thirty and I was blessed with cloud cover all morning; perfect light conditions for slinging meat.  I began my day throwing a variety of patterns in shades of black to brown in various levels of the water column.  Black was the ticket initially and produced a few nice fish, including this poor guy missing his lower jaw.

I'd have to say, this guys condition really struck a nerve with me.  In the Trout Management Area of the Farmington, it is a requirement to pinch your barbs.  The first thing I do when I set foot in this particular river is mash mine down with my pliers.  This particular fish's condition is a direct result of not doing just that.  Couple that with the 12 inch piece of heavy mono filament protruding from the fishes rear end and it is a surprise that this fish is still alive and well.

After cutting some of the mono filament, I continued my search of some meat eaters.  I had to cycle through some colors after a while as the darker shades were getting nothing but followers.  Once I found the right  color it was game on for about 4 hours.  This guy above is one of the nicer one's that just couldn't resist the tan headbanger.  Picked this guy up in a most unlikely stretch of very skinny water.  Like I tell people all the time, never pass up even the most unsuspecting of lies.

Today was a numbers day by all accounts.  There were a couple of decent fish thrown in but it seemed like everyone wanted some streamer action.  A nice mix of recent 2 year olds and holdover fish came to net, but the action shut right off almost as quickly as it turned on.

Prior to lunch I switched over to bugs and brought another nice compliment of trout to hand.  The caddis were a little late hatching today, and the fish I managed to fool all fell for larval imitations today rather than pupal.  Fishing rivers never ceases to amaze me with the constant change, this is the primary reason why trout fishing just never gets old for me.

I will be working all weekend long, so I probably wont see any of you out on the water.  I hope you all have a great Memorial Day Weekend with friends and family.  If you do get a chance to wet a line, good luck out there.   I'll be working on the book this weekend in between work and putting together a couple of tying videos to make up for the lack of them the last few months. 

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