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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fun In The Sun, Predator Hunting

Snot Rockets, Always A Good Time
We really do have it good here in southern New England.  The variety of species we can target is pretty broad, and if you're like me, getting a kick out of throwing big flies at fish that like to hurt what your chucking, there's nothing finer.  Had a little fun later in the day out of the boat yesterday with my buddy Matt.  Although we didn't boat any real monsters, we had a great time and the river to ourselves.
Lots Of These Guys

We not only caught a nice sampling of smallmouth bass, but a few hammer handle pike with big appetites, and a couple at the 30 inch mark too. 
Need A Tan To Go With My Goofy Hat

This particular smallmouth, was the largest bronze back of the day at 17-1/2".  He also had a big appetite too, inhaling a 8 inch hang time minnow when it hit the water.
The Better Smallmouth Of The Float

The best thing about this fish was watching the 40+ inch gator pike that followed him to the boat.  I guess I'll have to wait till next time to stick him.  The Headcase Crayfish continues to earn it's keep, taking this pike in the first 100 yards of our float. 
This Dog Should Be A Tank In A Few Years
We also marked dozens of carp, looking forward to going back and targeting them next time out, might even have some carp snacks up my sleeve.......

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