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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More Predator Chasing

I think I've come to terms with a new addiction, Pike.  The beauty of this addiction is it nicely fills the void when many trout streams run hot.   Granted, I live near a damn good tail water that fishes all year, so trout fishing never really leaves my vocabulary, but it's really hard to pass up what Pike bring to the table, something no trout can even come close to replicating.

So what is "that thing" I speak of?   Hitting flies like they want to hurt them, and big flies too.  You all know my love for the big streamers, this particular facet allows me to go even bigger.  Is that possible?

Hammer Handle With A BIG Appetite
Now I know the thoughts of throwing flies the size of chickens several hundred times in between hook ups may not interest many, in fact, it might even give you a sore arm just thinking about.  But when you throw that 499th cast and one of these apex predators inflicts pure pain upon the 12 inch or bigger fly that you are working.  All it takes is one, and its well worth all 498 prior casts for that one vicious display of fury. 

Pike are hands down one of the best fish to target via the fly rod.  I've slowly found that I can manage most if not all situations with a floating line, and the takes are beyond visual.  The larger rocket today was one for the memory bank.  My fishing partner Danny explained it best, "It was like a great white chasing down a harbor seal".

 I feel like a kid again with anticipation every time I know I'm going to fish for these wonderful creatures.  But, don't you worry, I'm not putting the trout stuff away or getting rid of all my equipment, I'll be doing some more of that periodically once things continue to cool off a bit.  But for now, here's to the apex predator, who eats the fish most enjoy to catch......

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