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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Shop Organization

Some Toothy Flies For My Own Box

One thing I've learned over the course of my fly fishing and tying endeavors is it doesn't take long to amass a large amount of stuff.  Since I started delving into the realm of commercial tying, the amount of stuff I have acquired has easily quadrupled.  You also have to figure into the equation that the amount of space that I have has gotten smaller since the introduction of my two little daughters.  It's safe to say I'm outnumbered 3 to 1 and easily 2 to 3 times that in space the women in my life currently rule the landscape of our household.
Pile Of HA Snares

I've tried a lot of different things to organize my gear in the last few seasons, Tupperware bins, plastic drawer units, shelves you name it,  and none of them have really panned out.  Today I think I found the solution and I started work on phase 1 of  a 3 phase project geared toward an entire fly shop rebuild.   The first sheet of pegboard went up today and it's already almost filled.  
First Section Of Pegboard In Place

Since my tying business has grown, I found that although I can still tie quickly, I'm getting less and less efficient overall  as my materials are just not organized the way I'd  like them to be.  You can say that Peter and Tim at S.S. Flies are my inspiration in getting organized as they run a top shelf outfit,  and I envy their cleanliness and organizational skills.  Less time searching for stuff equals more time tying and turning things out.  
Filling The Pegs Up Nicely

If I want to continue to tie commercially, and eventually get back on the water as a guide(retirement from the day job is about 6-1/2 years out),  I've  got to get my act together, and figured I better do it sooner than later.  I'll keep you posted as my organizational situation progresses, phase 2 will be sometime this winter when I sit down with my master carpenter father and build out a top shelf tying station.  

My father and I have spoken about this at length, and are both at work combining our ideas into making a very practical and efficient tying station so that I can pump out flies much quicker and in a much neater manner. The secondary byproduct  is to build enough space so that I have a nice neat area for students when they come over to learn how to tie.  Essentially,    you all are also getting a little bit out of this not just myself.  Once phase 2 is complete you'll see a new updated curriculum on the website and I plan on offering very specific tying classes.  

Aside from tying,  I have been getting out on the water pretty much weekly and the fishing been pretty good despite the crazy weather we've had.  But true to self, while out there I've also been testing out some new flies I've been tinkering with in hopes of finding some more killer patterns to share with you all.  Once I finish this phase of the shop I'll be working on a couple of videos for some of the latest patterns I have, and things will probably get quiet again as I continue to write in my book.  Here's a few pictures of some orders and recent catches to wet your whistle, stay tuned for some new tying videos in the weeks to come.  

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