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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Shop Rebuild Update

Slowly but surely I completed the monumental task of reorganizing my tying station.  I am pleased to say that all came together as I had planned.   Now that this is done, I can get back to business as a few orders have begun to pile up once again.  Here are a few pictures of the madness.
Got A Tying Problem?  Nah

Now that Phase 1 is complete, I can continue to draw up the plans for the new desk that I plan on building this winter.  I have gotten ideas for this venture from several of my tying buddies, and I think once complete, I will have a self contained tying station for at least 3 people (classes in mind), a mini studio for shooting videos, and a section for my computer to run invoices right at the desk.  Should be a streamlined operation.  Just a few more shelves and storage containers for some of my irons and I will be done 100% with this part. 

On another note, I acquired this wonderful full skin from a gent I met on Instagram.  Evan is in the process of raising birds for feathers and we did some bargaining.  There are a slew of great feathers in this skin, and I plan on putting them all to good use for dry flies and toothy treats.  Can't wait.

On a final note, I am booking up my calendar pretty solid already for the winter show season.  I already have about 1/2 dozen speaking engagements on the books and a bunch of tying appearances as well.  As of right now I will only be attending the Fly Tying Symposium and Somerset Fly Fishing Show in the northeast this winter.  I will let you know about a couple other appearances as they get finalized.  Till then, stay cool.

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