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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Fly Store Is Updated And Live.

Just in time for the fall, the Online Fly Store is back online and updated.  There are several new patterns in the mix including the much anticipated full sized Juggernaut, Headcase Crab, Optic Minnow and Double Optic Minnow to name a few.
Juggernaut's Now Available In The Store

The new layout with Goodsie took a little getting used to as I am not very computer savvy,  but it has proven to be quite a bit more functional for what I need.   There is a Contact page now where any questions on customized patterns can be fielded. 
Custom Red, White & Black Double Optic Minnow

After tonight I should be only one small order of trout sized bugs in the hole, so if you're looking for some stuff for the fall, it might not be a bad time to start planning.  What I will say though, is if I get inundated with orders as has been the case, I will shut the store down for a few to catch up.
Custom Fire Tiger Double Optic Minnow

My schedule has changed so my alotted tying time has dwindled a bit, and limited to smaller blocks of time once again so bear with me while I make the transition.  Expect to see a bunch of additions to the store in the months to come, some new, some old with my own personal touch.
Custom Perch Double Optic Minnow

On a side note, I have been getting a great deal of emails from various clubs to come out this fall and winter to speak at your meetings.  As of right now, I am booked up solid for the winter and do not have any available dates left.

Headcase Crab
In the meantime, here's to cooler nights, and hungry fish.  Fish on......

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