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Friday, August 23, 2013

It's Almost That Time...

Once again another summer comes to a close, and we're shortly approaching the  doorstep of my favorite time of year.

The days are getting shorter, the temperatures are going down both day and night, and soon the leaves will be changing colors.  

Many different species of fish will become aggressive once again before the snow flies, and it will be time to throw big streamers in hopes of landing that trophy fish.  Every year I look forward to the fall as I'm not a fan of high temperatures, humidity and the like, and  there's just nothing finer than putting on a sweater and going out to wet a line while watching the fog roll  off of your favorite Trout stream.   

Like the seasons, some changes are coming for me as well, some for the better.   Next week both my girls start school full-time,  and now that I'm acclimated to working a normal day shift schedule, I've muddled through a month of complete craziness only to be rewarded with a schedule that will grant me larger blocks of free time. 

So what does that mean you ask?  Essentially it means I'll have more time to devote to tying  Fly orders and getting out on the water.  So, If you're thinking you want to get some bugs or some meat flies for this fall you might want to start thinking ahead and placing your orders in the next few weeks as I typically get inundated last minute.  If you all get in board and get a jump start with a nice steady flow of orders,  I can keep on top of them starting next week.  

I should also be able to get back on track with the regular tying videos, and I've got a bunch of fly patterns to add to the store and some new stuff kicking around in my  head, so it should be a good fall and winter for all you tyers out there.  

Here's to the fall and everything that it brings stay tuned.......

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