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Friday, August 9, 2013

New Exciting Tying Products That You'll Soon See On Some Patterns Tied Here

So it's been a month or so since the IFTD show, and I'm certain most of you know about some of the new tying products out there that are creating a buzz.  Most of them are from the Flymen Fishing Company, and I have been lucky enough to have been able to play around with several of them prior to their official release to the consumer.

The new Fish Mask has been one that I am really digging and so have the fish that I've been chasing.  The mask makes finishing large, broad profiled heads on streamers a much faster process.  Prior to the mask, one would have to build up a head of epoxy or Clear Cure Goo to achieve the wide head that will complete some of the larger optic styled flies we tie on larger streamers.  This process can be daunting even with UV curing products as it may take several minutes to not only complete the head, but you also run the risk of making a misshaped  head if your not super careful.  Couple that with the fact that you may use up a good amount of your material to build a large head leaving you with an empty bottle of goo after a handful of larger flies (not cheap).
This Largemouth Crushed This 12" Pike Fly Using An 8.5 MM Eyed Mask

Now, with the mask the clear lightly weighted heads are a snap, and they are uniform to boot.  This product really hit it out the park in my book as they come in  8 sizes, accommodating eyes from 3mm up to the giant 15mm eyes used for pike and musky patterns.  Like the other skull products, they are flared on the top and bottom to allow movement to the materials used in the wings of the flies, so in essence, a very well thought out product, two thumbs up in my book, and as you can see the flies I've been tying using them have done well with the fish as well.
Same Fly Inhaled By This Pike Two Weeks Ago, Very Durable In My Book

The next product that I've been playing with is really nothing new, just beefed up a bit for the predator chasers out there.  The Blane Chocklett Big Game Shanks have filled in where the articulated shanks fell short.  Engineered in larger sizes with beefier gauge wire, and larger hoops to accommodate larger hooks, these shanks are where its at for flies that fall into the big class.  I've been using them for over a month now and I've yet to have any of them bend or fail.  The shanks come in three sizes, 28,40 and 80 mm for those giant musky patterns you see floating around out there.  There are a slew of possible options with these, should be fun to see what comes from them in the future.
Some Monster Pike/Musky Patterns Using The Big Game Shanks And 15mm Masks

The last product, and probably the one that has created the most buzz is the Articulated Fish Spine.   The fish spine is nothing more than a series of different sized shanks daisy chained together to create a multi-jointed streamer.  Blane Chocklett's Game Changer fly has been a hot topic in the fly fishing community as it is the first fly that utilizes these materials to basically replicate a swim bait style streamer.  Whether you think it's more a lure than a fly is on you, there's no denying that it has some awesome movement right along the lines of many of the the articulated streamers out there.  I have yet to play with these yet, but I have some ideas kicking around in my melon that you might see come off the Regal in the next few months.

Some exciting new stuff for us tyers out there this year, and I hear that  there's more to come.  If you've noticed that my fly posts on facebook and here have been pretty lacking lately, it's largely in part to a schedule change at work that I'm adjusting to, and the training that I've been doing to prepare for the New England Tough Mudder tomorrow.  I've wanted to do one of these events for several years now, and now that the kids are at a manageable age, my other passion, training, is back in full swing and a big part of my daily routine once again.  Hopefully, all goes well and I finish this ordeal without any hangups.  Sunday I will be regrouping, and back on my normal tying crazed track, and writing in the book.  Expect to see fly photos on a regular basis, and the new revamped storefront online in the next week. 

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