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Friday, September 27, 2013

Back From San Francisco, And Lasers In The Deadfalls.

It truly is amazing what a couple of days of rest and relaxation does to the soul, completely recharges your batteries for the next round of whatever life throws your way I guess.  To say Meg and I enjoyed ourselves this past long weekend is a complete understatement.  Although we dearly missed our two girls, we managed to see some pretty extraordinary stuff.  I honestly don't know where to begin, so seeing as how I am a total scatterbrain, I'll just bombard you with some of the highlights....

Ever feel really insignificant?  Standing in a forest of great Redwoods will do that to you, it had us in awe so bad, we went to a second forest cuz we couldn't get enough.

We walked through grounds of one of the most fabled penitentiaries in our history, eerie is the best way to describe it, but a must see.

We cruised the coast both north and south of the city and experienced some of the most breathtaking coastal views.

We ate Dungeness Crab on the pier, and watched some of America's Cup, and also checked out a few Vineyards in Sonoma.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I even managed to returned home with some time to wet a line.  And yes, I am once again haunted by another pile of crazy attacks at the hands of some Pike.  

I think I'm ready to chase some browns, maybe this coming week.......

Friday, September 20, 2013

A Decade Later

To some, a decade may not seem like much, to others it can be looked upon as a milestone.  Today marks my 10 year wedding anniversary to the woman that makes my world go round.  To say that I couldn't be what I am without her is a complete understatement, and imagining my life without her is just unthinkable.

This picture says a lot about a person, wet wading in 55 degree water..
Through thick and thin we've managed to carve out a really nice life for ourselves, and, we've done it based around the principles of love, compassion, family and hard work.  To say my wife is driven, is putting it mildly, she brings out the best in everyone and shows that hard work and dedication produces success, and in every facet of your life.  I can honestly say, I've become a better person having her in my life, and heck, she even loves to fish too (a prerequisite of sorts, but off the record of course).

Speaking of fishing, you all know how much fly fishing is a part of my life, well, it is really in 2nd place to what's most important to me.  The top of the pile goes to Meg, and the two lovely daughters that she has given me, whom like their "daddy and momma", enjoy the outdoors and fishing too.

So, today I honor the ladies of my life, without them things just wouldn't be the same.  And most importantly, thank you for allowing me to be me, I am forever indebted to you.  Here's to 10 more wonderful years, I love you babe.  

On another note, I will be away from my bench till next Wednesday, so all fly orders will not be completed until after then.  Have a great weekend, and go stick some fish....  

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Slingblade, Uh Huh...

This kinda illustrates where my head is at these days.....
I guess I have a slight problem....
Oh by the way, the Sage Pike/Musky stick is just what I needed to throw these flies.  Very happy with that new acquisition.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Masked Avenger Now Available

The Masked Avenger Streamer is now available in the fly store.  Coming in at 6 inches long, this articulated treat has the propensity to fool many species.  There are 7 well thought out color combinations currently available.  This particular fly is virtually weightless and gets the best action fished on an integrated sinking line. 
The Compliment Of Colors

If you're skeptical on the pattern, lets not forget last weeks victim on a yellow version......

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Dead Drift Crayfish

The rather anticipated dead drift crayfish tying video is now live...
Click The Picture To See The Tying Video

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Doors About To Shut On Summer...........

I hope you all had a great Labor Day weekend, grilling, chilling and spending time with those that matter in your life; well, and maybe some finned friends too.  I actually had the weekend off for a change, and spent some Q-T with the ladies in my life.   I even managed to notch some water time, albeit I had to improvise at the last minute due to a rapidly rising river of chocolate milk as the result of an overnight thunderous deluge.
Hungry? This Guy Sure Was

Pike were on the menu, but due to the unfortunate predicament my friend and I decided to forgo the notion.  He went back to bed, I hit the bricks for a first light foray of slinging meat, I had to get it out of my system.  It had been a while since I slung some meaty treats in hopes of a buttery slab.  Just so happens I killed two birds with one stone on this day, as I had a newly concocted streamer on hand and some decent conditions under which to put her through the paces.  BONUS!

So off I went at O-dark-thirty in the truck to swing for the fences in hopes of enticing a river donkey.  Initially, I wanted to see how this particular pattern behaved in various river environments, and as I suspected she's got a pretty sexy shimmy and shake if I do say so myself.

Now, I know I am a bit behind on tying videos folks, and I made a promise to get a few out there on a couple of my other patterns that have gotten some attention.  My goal is to spin a few out this week, so hopefully I can wet your appetite for a while by weeks end.  I also realize that things have been VERY streamer heavy in the last year, no need to fear, I have some bugs out there for you hatch matcher's too.  But, this new streamer I've concocted is pretty stellar.  Oh, but wait, remember a while back I mentioned that I had a couple, not one style of crayfish on the menu?  Well here is a sneak peak at the dead drift crayfish I've been using all summer long, and it's been doing very well.

This little guy is a rather simple pattern to replicate, courtesy of the Craw bodies by Flymen Fishing Company.  Plan on seeing a tying video on this one, as well as it's availability in the store very shortly.

Lets get back to that streamer I mentioned, the recipe utilizes the new Fish Mask from the Flymen Fishing Company, as well as a bunch of my favorite materials,  but in a new light.   The "Masked Avenger" as I like to call this new creation, is essentially an in the round streamer, with a topping of Icelandic sheep.  I was looking to tie up something fairly solid in color with softer contrasts, but it had to have a larger profile as the body tapered to the head.  Essentially this creates a great searching pattern under various conditions, most notably higher and dirtier one's for the most part.  Although the fly is not a super-realistic offering, it has enough in there that it could definitely pass for just about anything in the forage fish department.

Coming in at the six (6) inch mark, this fly will turn the heads of most larger browns, smallmouth and even other species in my estimates, but only time will tell.  The fly has already raised my eyebrow to say the least, as it stuck this long but thin headstrong brown on that early morning excursion.
Butter Baby, It's What's For Dinner

Now my only task is to conjure up a variety of color combinations to round her out, and expect to see this one in the store very soon, like maybe even next week; just in time for fall streamer fishing.  As of right now, this fly is best fished on an integrated sinking line as it is virtually weightless.

On a side note, it is once again that time of year when I head out to various clubs and spend an evening talking about what brings us all together; fly fishing.  Starting in October, I have presentations booked on a weekly to biweekly basis right through January.  Hopefully I will get to see some of you at some of these events, and we can do some catching up.  I am eager to let the cat out of the bag on some other really exciting news that I have for you all, but unfortunately it is a little too soon to do so.  So that being said, I'll keep you all biting your nails on that one.  Expect my next post to be the announcement of a tying video...... or two?

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