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Friday, October 18, 2013

Brown Town

I've been on a bit of a trout Hiatus these days, so I figured that I was way overdue.   It was a good day today, despite having to work a little in some stretches.  I really get a kick out of the attitude's, and the colors that brown trout take on in the fall.  Today there was no lack of disappointment with either of those attributes.  

Aside from my standard fare of throwing big stuff, I even got my nymph on a bit, just to see if I still had any mojo with the black art.  Looks like I haven't skipped a beat, I even had a great time dredging up fish on Dead Drift Crayfish, Shimmer Stones and Pumpkin Caddis Pupa.  But as always, the biggest dog of the day fell to one of my old favorites, the one and only Headbanger Sculpin

Lower flows equated to some floating line streamer tactics and earth toned flies were the ticket today.  The masked Ice Picks you saw me spin up this week, also held their own,  spanking a few nice fish as well.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.......

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