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Thursday, October 10, 2013

New And Noteworthy

You've all heard me use the term, "Got some exciting news to release soon".  Well, it's officially time I let the cat out of the bag so to speak.  I'll start with the one that I've been holding back on for the better part of the entire year.

If you know me well, I'm all about things that suit me well.  Sometimes I find the right fit immediately, other times, it takes me a few to figure things out.  Well, I think I've finally figured this one out for now.  After long thought and weighing my options, I am proud to announce starting in 2014, I will be amongst the list of many great innovative tyers who are part of the Montana Fly Company team of signature fly designers.

I am taking baby steps on this one, and will have only two (2) flies in circulation for the new year.  They are two variations of the DDT nymph, in two hot colors.  I plan on expanding my list of flies with the folks at MFC, and I really like the direction that their company is headed.  I'm hoping this will work out as well as I anticipate, and hopefully you'll all see some more of my patterns in the pages of their catalogs.

On another note, I was approached several months ago by Joe Cermele of Field & Stream magazine about being a part of an article on Articulated Streamers.  To be considered for this project was a surprising treat, and I welcomed the opportunity; especially seeing as how my flies and name were gonna be thrown in the mix with Guru Kelly Galloup, close fishing and tying friend Michael Schmidt, and our pal from the south, Thomas Harvey.  Humbled, honored and excited at the same time, I received a couple copies of the magazine yesterday.  If you get a chance, check out the November 2013 issue hot on the stands, its a pretty cool and quick read on the subject.

Click The Snare To Read The Online Version Of The Article
I am in the thick of my busy season for flies.  It kinda just came out of nowhere this week, so it's time to get my tie on.  I have a couple other special treats on the horizon, videos and other cool stuff to add, some of the video's are one's you've all been waiting to see.  In the meantime, here is the latest version of the Ice Pick that just hit the webstore.  The Masked Ice Pick has been an absolute hit on Facebook and Instagram, never mind with the fish,  leading me to having roughly 8 dozen to tie at the moment.  All the same fish catching materials in the original, just lightweight, and with the new Fish Masks in replace of the Fish Skull.  Nom Nom Nom....

Click the picture to see the fly in the store.
Lastly, the presentations this past week went very well, and I thank all of you who attended.  I look forward to seeing you all again soon...  

--Fish On----

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