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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seedless Grapes

 Just read between the lines on the title of this post, I think if your clever enough you'll catch my drift quite quickly. 

Sometimes, you just gotta laugh.  Laughter is single handily the best way to cope with an unfortunate situation.  Laughing at one’s own misfortune is an even better way of dealing with an unfortunate situation that you are the brunt of.  I will admit, I am a professional at shenanigans, talking a little smack, sarcasm, digs, whatever you wanna call it.  But, I have also learned that in order to be a pro at the above, you need to be will to take the beat down in return, and when your buddy or life for that matter "gets you good" so to speak, you need to be able to laugh it off.

If you’ve followed my Instagram feed this weekend, you probably noticed that I was tying like a maniac, pretty much all weekend long.  I cleared out  a heavy number of flies, which is highly unusual considering I don't really get large blocks of free time.  Why, might you ask did I have such a large block of free time?  Well, here’s your comic relief.  Sip your coffee, sit back and enjoy this one courtesy of yours truly.

Well, to put it bluntly I had surgery last Friday.  Nothing crazy here folks, just a little something that will hopefully ensure that my wife and I won’t have any surprises down the road, if you catch my drift.  Friday morning comes, and like always, I get to my appointment early, a little anxious but who wouldn't be under these circumstances. 

I sit down, Doc takes care of business, and after roughly 10 minutes and surprisingly no real pain or issues, I found myself walking out the door and on my way home, or so I thought.  As I rounded the corner in the hallway, and piled into the elevator, it hit me like a ton of bricks.   Fireflies, fuzzy vision, hot sweats, that awe shit feeling coming out of nowhere.  I leaned up against the elevator wall, and that's about all she wrote. 

Next thing I remember was waking up on the elevator floor with some old guy in a wheelchair staring me in the eyes asking if I was OK.  Holy shit, I passed out, and where the heck are the 5 other people who were on the elevator with me? I guess me hitting the deck was of no concern of there’s, thankfully the old guy in the wheelchair felt compelled to see if I was alright.  Apparently I don't respond well to any type of surgery, but who would've known.

After the ambulance came, a kind nurse, paramedics etc., I was back to normal, but completely embarrassed to say the least.  I mean here I am, lying on the floor in the middle of a lobby in a medical building, it was pretty funny to say the least, I felt like one of those people in that great Medical Alert commercial, "I've fallen and I can't get up".    

Luckily, after a few drinks of water and some rest, I was right as rain, well, right enough to lie down all day with bags of frozen peas on my nether regions, thankfully we had some post season baseball to watch.  Saturday came and I felt a bit better, so I decided it was time to head down into my fly shop and see what I could get accomplished.  

Got Donuts?
I managed to find myself a cushion that would accommodate my predicament,  and it helped me grind out a solid 16 hour day on the vise, and then a little more of the same the next day. 

Here’s a few photos of what I managed to get accomplish.

Heading To Terrorize Fish On The South Holston

A Pile For A Local

Juggernaut Jr. Close Up

Nice Pile Of Meat

Mixed Madness

Emergent Midges Close Up

Some Avengers

I really like the looks of this color

So, after all this tying, and a smoking Regal, I’m sure many of you are asking when I plan on getting out there on the water, in fact some of you reached out in emails, some with some absolutely amazing fish photos on some of my streamers.  For those of you out there who send those my way, keep em coming, as it is always a treat to see the success stories and smiles from some of the flies I tied you.

Well, come Thursday when my work week ends, the vise will be shutdown for a few days while I go and re-acquaint myself with some brown trout.   Here’s to finding Walter, stay tuned as the next post will be the release of the Juggernaut Streamer video.  Oh, and before I forget, I will be offloading a couple of my older streamer sticks on EBay.  If you are looking for a solid used streamer rod, it just so happens I may have what your looking for.  Just drop me an email at before I post them and we can talk.  

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